Inception Audio releases new vinyl with free CD!

The latest release from two drum 'n bass powerhouses is a slice of minimalist neurofunk designed for the dancefloor. A subtle rolling drum pattern eventually gives way to a distorted voice sample and menacing midlines which will shake the foundations of any club it's played in. The AA side is another neurofunk classic but with a more epic, movie-like feel. Soothing Eastern strings effortlessly transition into a more sinister sounding piece, complete with sparse drums and squelchy bass stabs. A very eclectic track!

Artist: Bredren & Displaced Paranormals
Label: Inception Audio
Cat. No.: IA004
Release Date: 07.10.2013
Type: Vinyl

01. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Stop & Turn

02. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Celestial

Complimenting the 12 inch is an exclusive CD of previous Inception Audio releases. Including tracks by various Inception artists and two bonus alien tunes never heard on this earth!

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Triple Vision

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You now stand on the brink of greatness. For two years, Planet IA has been working in the shadows - two years of slow gestation, waiting to transmit our messages from beyond the veil of reality and down to mother earth. Do not be afraid of these messages. Just listen and let them enter your mind. Total submission is only natural. Each message brings the promise of something new - new experiences, new desires, and new frontiers. The black planet of IA is daunting, but if you embrace its darkness then we can accomplish wonders. All you need to do is listen. And as each one of our messengers is heard, you will reach states unheard of. This compilation is our herald.
The black planet is coming!

01. Data & Alvarez - Resist
02. Data & Alvarez - Talk Dirty
03. Displaced Paranormals & Dubtek - Lifeforms
04. Overlook - Lusca
05. Sunchase - Identify
06. Sunchase - Hooksworld
07. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Stop & Turn
08. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Celestial
09. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals - Black Octopus (Bonus Track)
10. Bredren & Displaced Paranormals Direction (Bonus Track)

Enjoy and download the "DON`T FEAR THE BLACK PLANET (Album Mini Mix)"