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Thread: FS 1,000-ish Trance Records | 1997-2004 | WI

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    FS 1,000-ish Trance Records | 1997-2004 | WI


    I purchased this collection from DJ in the Milwaukee area a few years ago. Trance really isn't my thing though, time to make some room. Records are used and in vaying states of condition ranging from like new to well loved.
    Over a month ago the original seller got in touch with me asking if he could buy them back. I said yes. He said "around August 12th". I haven't heard from him since. I've decided I should just move these out now anyway and I'm done waiting for that guy to follow through.

    Most of the records are from 1997 - 2004. The records consist of mostly trance. 20% techno, acid is either incorporated w/ the trance or techno. The trance is all styles from classics, acid, club, tribal, minimal, hard, groovy, etc.
    Some gems are pretty much all the classics from the 98-03 timeline. The techno is mostly hard driven beats...mark dearborn-ish stuff. Some techy stuff though too and there is about 12-15 drum n bass records but not much.

    I haven't really gone through very many of them, I can't tell you what all is here in any more detail. I was cleaning the vinyl with a vacuum record cleaning machine as I went through them, but maybe half of one crate were done.
    I'm not looking to ship these. Really, I am not. I am located about an hour's drive North of Milwaukee/South of Green Bay. I'm a busy individual and I don't have much tolerance for people who waste my time.

    I think this is an attractive price. You want to buy them? Show up with $600 cash when you say you will and I'll help load them into your car.
    Any other situation involving funny business, non/mis-communication, or excuses won't end with you driving away with these records.

    I've listed them locally on CL. Please get in touch with me via that interface.

    Here's a list of record labels obtained by randomly pulling records. It is not a comprehensive list, some labels may be more represented than others...this is just to give you some idea of what is here. Also in no particular order, just the order in which I wrote them down as I pulled them.

    Timeless Recordings
    Blue Line
    Hope Recordings
    Hooj Choons
    VC Recordings
    Lightening Records
    Lost Language
    Anjuna Beats
    Eve Nova
    Cyber Records
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    Ugh, I'd be all over these if I was within driving distance

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    I feel yuh! Records are awesome, other than being heavy and cumbersome hah.
    I purchased about 1800 records in a collection that were shipped via Parcel Post (I think) from Florida. It cost a fair bit and it earned me a bad reputation with the local Post Office that I still live with to this day.

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    still for sale....there's been some interest, but no one able to follow through yet.

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    I would love to take these off your hands as well - great deal. Though I would have no choice but to set up shipping. GL with the sale though free bump

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    Thank you
    It turns into not as great of a deal once you start adding in shipping! I wouldn't even be able to guess the cost/time it'd take to get to Japan...assuming that is actually where you are.
    I had estimated USPS slow parcel/media mail to be around $300 in CONUS...not including the boxes/time/etc it'd take to pack them all up. I'm still not really digging the idea of doing all that work but I may eventually break down.

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    I'm very interested and live within driving distance but I don't have the cash at the moment. When I can afford it, I'll PM you to see if they are still available but it could be a couple of months.

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    when I get back to Cleveland in the summer for leave - its only like a 7hr drive for me lol, maybe we can work something out if you cannot dish them off or something. Make sure when your checking the postage rate, you're looking at media mail postage instead of weight. I believe its way cheaper, if I am not mistaken.

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