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Thread: Works1200 - The Technics 1200/1210 specialist refurb thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by stomp View Post
    And did you rewire the tonearm or used the original wires? I assume a bit longer wires are needed than the original.

    Is the rca cable on the pic the one from KAB?
    I used the stock wires which is still better in quality to be honest. The wires of some 1200 decks have longer than the usual (which is strange but nice), so they reached the terminals just right for soldering. Yes the RCA in the picture is by KAB.

    You can see more of the project here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicadraus View Post
    5 pins because there are 5 contact points. Right inner conductor, right outer conductor, left inner conductor, left outer conductor, and ground signal conductor.The DIN is obviously easier to connect and disconnect compared to RCAs which will require two separate connectors.Conduction is also well and tight.

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    Damn nice refurbs here.. would love to repaint my 1200sl mk2 alu chassis so i need to get into powder coating!
    Any tips how to re create the letter prints?

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