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Thread: F*ck it; Australia you're off my itinerary 4eva

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    You guys have only scratched the surface....

    Up in Darwin we get saltwater crocs in people's swimming pools or they're just walking around near a petrol station (No shit). Every year a few tourists get eaten by crocs when they try to swim across infested rivers.

    Rock fish can kill people when they walk in certain parts of the beach, a barb shoots up into the person's foot and things aren't so good after that...

    Funnel web spiders are the baddest of venomous spiders, one bite untreated will quickly be the end of you....

    If you really love crocs you can swim in a cage with them here in Darwin, you can also have a beer with me while you're here

    People in Darwin do some really stupid shit with crocs.....I'm surprised not more people aren't a snack for these guys....

    Taipans grow just over 2 meters and live in the tropics here, I've heard that these snakes when they're really pissed actually chase you. Fact, these are one of the most venomous snakes in the world.....

    King browns are not too far behind.....stay out of their way...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mahatma Coat View Post
    The most dangerous animal in Australia is clearly the fabled Bogan.

    The place is full of 'em.
    Agreed. Bogans can be easily spotted sporting trackies, southern cross tatts, usually drinking VB.

    I'd also just like to inform everyone that I've made it 21 years in this country without being injured/killed by the wildlife.

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    Born and bred in Australia and wouldn't be concerned about any of this junk.

    The only advice I can gives visitors is that you be weary of the dropbears.
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    Thanks for the info vernski

    But srsly someday I wanna make it over there.

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    Don't forget about the mighty dropbears, they can shred you to bits!

    … and NZ is completely harmless, them bros over there shit themselves when they see a possum. That's as dangerous as it gets there.

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    Swooping season.

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