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Thread: The Official DJF Beginners MEGA Thread!

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    The Official DJF Beginners MEGA Thread!

    Welcome to DJF!

    So you're interested in learning the secrets of being a DJ... We can help you grow regardless of your skill level because there's always something new to learn. Still, the hardest thing to do is start.

    First there are the basic questions that everyone has: What is a decent setup? How much is needed to start? What are the basic? What's a great DJ name? Where do I get music? It's hard not to be overwhelmed.

    Don't worry. We can help you cut through the crap and focus on what you need to know and do. But first, answer this question: Why do you want to become a DJ? If you can't answer that, then it'll be hard to put up with the many obstacles and frustrations between when you start and when you perform for 100,000+ crowds.

    Have your answer? Good. Now let's begin.

    There are concepts that you should know before you buy or do anything. Read these threads and learn these basic concepts:

    * RTFM
    * Copyrights - Know The Laws (US)
    * The DJ Ethos (rules that DJs should live by)
    * Everything you need to know about DJ Names
    * Essential websites to know when starting out
    * MacOS or Windows - The Definitive Answer to Which is Better
    * What is the difference between a DJ and Producer?
    * Gain staging (aka Stay Out of the RED)
    * MP3 versus [Insert Audio Format]
    * Should you take a course or learn by yourself?

    So now you know basic concepts, right? Let's switch gears to truly starting out:

    * Where should I get music?
    * What's the best music? What should I play?
    * Essential equipment
    * Best Headphones?
    * What's the Best Controller?
    * Core Knowledge and Skills (aka How to Start Out)
    * Great videos (DJ tutor)
    * I'm tired of practicing, so what's next?

    If you've done the above, congratulations! You're getting closer to performing for that 100,000+ crowd!

    Practice and Enjoy!

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    You should also add "Which DJ headphones" thread to your thread
    Untz untz untz.

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    KLH has become a pillar to the beginner section of the forum lol

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    This has came in ever so useful thank you KLH

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chay View Post
    You should also add "Which DJ headphones" thread to your thread
    Good suggestion. I'll look into this.

    EDIT: Link added.

    Any other suggestions of topics to add?

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    I think a mixer topic would be good. As a beginner I would be very interested in that topic. Great thread by the way, it's very helpful.

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    Great thread man

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    This is a nice compilation of useful information, I really appreciate this.
    It is essential to know the laws, awesome you've included them, everything here seems so important, and it is posted in one place, great !
    Great Job !

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    I am looking up to this! THANK YOU! i am going to get a Traktor Krontrol S2 and will be using this to my best!

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    Thank you.
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