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Thread: Songs that always WORK

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackdevil77 View Post
    A lot of the 90's songs work quite well. They've been coming back for a while! I've seen the crowd go nuts multiple times when the Backstreet Boys come on!
    Makes sense. The girls who learned how to dance at 12 yrs old to them and NSYNC are in their 20s now. The 90s are perfect nostalgia music for them.

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    Failure is an option here. If things are not failing, you are not innovating enough.

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    Xtendamix Video Remix of Journey - Don't Stop Believing (House Mix) (Clean) (Extended) there is always a short pregnant pause until they figure out the song but I love seeing the audience eyes light up when they get it....
    It has never failed me yet!
    Something more recent is Xtendamix unaltered Pitbul ft Ke$ha - Timber (Clean)(Single)(HD) or Maroon 5 - Moves Like Jagger - both no fails

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    I find Moves Like Jagger fails a lot more than it works these days.

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    I'm finding that lately Danza Kuduro is a big hit.

    You also have your must plays like Mony Mony, Livin on a Player, Baby got back, California Love, This is how we do it

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    I am not a professional DJ. It's a backyard hobby I love! In the garage. Numark ndx-500, American Audio 10 mxr , 4 BFM tuba 24s, EV ZLX 12p's, Truss full of lights. I STILL have all my equipment as of June 2019!

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    And when you want to get rid of everybody play some Aphex Twin. Clears the Dancefloor in 99 percent of venues!

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    Im sorry like Coca-Cola & The Colonel the receipie of my 100 MUST NEVER FAIL GO to tracks when the dance floor goes dead is a closley guarded secret.
    YES there are a bunch of usual suspects as mentioned
    and if its concellation in the past 2 years only five songs made the cut to the list and 2 of them are Australian tracks others might not know about.
    I must admit mobile DJ mostly wedidngs there are the same suckers we always here nutbush, blame it on the boogie, BUT there are also some that still trancend generations that blow mind away everytime they come up even though for the LIFE of me it has no dancable beat but people need the song played.

    AUSSIES-Trousers down you know the song. Daddy Cool Eagle Rock. Why how, I have no idea. Im just here to play the music they want to hear but nothing BEATS playing something you love and the crowd simply ERRRUPPT!

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    Wilson Pickett - Land of 1000 Dances.
    Trust me. Filler.

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    Cool those little tracks that you have in the back pocket to save the days are gems. I find for club work I do a lot of hip-hop so AV8/Crooklyn Clan mashups always go down. Can't go past whatever is the biggest track at the moment is to. Sometimes it's good to save this ones.

    For weddings/mobile I actually wrote a blog post on top ten get tracks that always work. Mods delete if not allowed to post link but easier than listing them all here.
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