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Thread: djforums buyer / seller guidelines: please read before posting

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    Post djforums buyer / seller guidelines: please read before posting

    djforums buyer / seller guidelines: please read before posting
    Here are a few guidelines to buying / selling in the classifieds forum: djforums is not held responsible for transactions that take place.

    It is imperative that you understand that if you registered just to sell, you’ll have a hard time and need to do the following to help yourself:
    0) You must have more than 50 posts to post. (post whoring just to raise it will not be tolerated. They will be deleted and puts you at risk of a ban or time out)
    1) Complete ALL fields in your profile. including your location. This way people will know where the item forsale is located.
    2) When posting, please add all the contact info and as much info on item as possible. including the price you are selling it for
    3) If you post an item, please answer all questions that are asked, otherwise it will look shady.
    4) Please put FS in the thread subject. It will help people to see if an item.. ( WTB items have been moved to their own forum)
    5) If you are posting an ebay auction, please put FA in the beginning of the subject. Also if you are posting a link to an auction and it is your first post, it will be considered spam and removed.
    6) Post a picture of the item for sale and if you need to host a pic for free go to;

    1) Always check the post count and/or date that seller registered.
    2) Ask every possible question regarding background and contact info.
    3) Search the posts made by this seller to get an idea of who they are and if they have sold before.
    4) Always check profile of the seller.
    5) Use a safe payment option.

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