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Thread: [TIPS] How To Get Your Demo Heard; Approaching Labels

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    Great tips in here!
    New EDM signed to Deeper Heaven Recordings. Drum & Bass coming on Pure Pace Records. Hard Trance/Hard Dance Released on Metamorph/Hyperdrive/Presence/Bleach recordings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hygro View Post
    how serious is this whole "been up for a few months, only got 100 plays" thing? Because to me that's just a sign that someone made a song and posted it for his friends on facebook, and not like it's some big failure of a track or spread around the internet, now unsellable.

    But I don't run a label
    Yeah I'm not sure about that one either... My type of music is definitely not going to get a lot of plays no matter what I tag it with (unless I lie and say 'Rihanna/skrillex/electro/mashup/bass' somewhere in every title)

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    Good quote by Thom Svast, one of the managing partners for Vegas's 'After' nights [mornings]. Interview from DoAndroidsDance, regarding the infamous 'DJ Rules' recently making the rounds on the interwebs.

    In reference to hiring DJ's from certain genres [a train of thought that can be equally applied to producers looking for labels]:

    "I laugh when people send me demos and I tell them this isn’t what were interested in and they reply, “I can make you a set of whatever you want. I play everything.” No thanks. I want dedicated artists who eat, sleep, and breathe their respected genres. Purists understand whats going on in their scene and know what the forefront of that genre is and can put that effort into their sets every time they play. They don’t go to Beatport’s Top 10 and download all. They take the time to dig deep into the crate to give a new experience every time. That’s what we want[...]"

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    Certainly not a list that you should adhere to 100%, for example, certain label want masters, others don't, some want more than one track, others don't etc. It is certainly worthwhile reading and then doing your own research to that specific label. / #TeamIdiot
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    great read and good info especially for those looking to nab the attention of some of the bigger guys

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    Very good read, thanks all for the good info!

    Although, I have some questions:
    - Is it better to create a new style or create something what's the currently popular?
    - Should producers send complete intro-main-bridge-main-outro or only intro-main-outro?
    - If one label does not reply, how long should producers wait to send it to another label?
    - Labels like unreleased tracks, but how do I my feedback/advice then?
    - How about labels who sign producers? What to do to get signed? And what does such a contract include?

    I hope you guys can help me with my questions.

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    Love, love, love this! So many great points. Many people don't understand marketing and how to do it creatively. Don't get me started on branding power and strengthen yours!

    Sometimes your best way to get a label interested is to be an engaging fan first! Be creative, fun, quirky, funny. Show them what a great asset you'll be, before you even get it started. Suddenly you aren't just another kid pushing out his stuff and they are actually interested in listening to your material!

    Thanks for sharing

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    [TIPS] How To Get Your Demo Heard; Approaching Labels

    Been working a label with da Pineapple, and wanted to update this thread with a post of a very very good example of how to approach a label through email. 1st: Show you are writing to THAT LABEL you are trying to get attention from. 2. Your demo info. 3. Background / bio info. 4. ***CONTACT / LINKS***. This last one seriously is so appreciated by a label, saves much time when evaluating someone for a release; remember that!



    I am XXXXX, 20 years old, living in XXXX (in the north-west of [location]).
    As I really appreciate your releases, and the general ambiance of the releases of your label, I decided to write to you to propose a demo called “xxxxx”.

    You can find the link here :

    This track took its name because it is the effect it gave me once created. I wanted to bring people in my bubble: the stars, the sky, and the night… a really peace and dream ambiance..

    About me :
    Since Sept. 2013, I am part of [label], as [position]. I already released some tracks under it : In January, 1rst 2014, I had my first release called “XXXX”, in which I sing with a chill-out music. In May 12th 2014, my chill-out and orchestral remix for XXXXX, called “XXXXXX (XXXXX Remix)” was released still under [XXXX]
    In July, 21th 2014, me and XXXX have signed our original track on the EP “XXXXX” under [label], in which there are the following remixers: Xxxxx, xxxx and Xxxx.

    My beatport :
    My soundcloud :
    My Facebook page :

    If you have any questions, or things to tell, I stay available by email :, or by phone call-xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    All the best,

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