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Thread: [TIPS] How To Get Your Demo Heard; Approaching Labels

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    Nice little copy and paste email there thehadgi

    Thanks alot for the advice!

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    Great article ! Thank You for the tips !!

    Best regards,


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    such a great read

    thanks for the info guys!!!

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    Yep, great tips on approaching labels. Basically done all the things from the list, but to add on:

    It's good practice to become "friends" with other people who have their own labels, or know people who are a part of the label. I actually had great luck in getting acquainted with the people who signed me on their label, and it was the first time for me, and just that from talking to a guy on SC and asking them for tunes to play at a gig. Right now 2 releases deep, and one more forthcoming with the label.

    And after being signed to that label, no matter how big or small, I had lots of courage and inspiration to actually start seriously sending my work to other labels, and having positive responses so far.

    Not sure if it is helpful, but had to drop a few words.

    Good luck!
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    Everything written above is so true.
    One of the most important aspects are persistence & diligence.
    Sooner or later you'll hit an interested party & one thing leads to another, a numbers game.
    And patience patience and patience
    If you have the talent & knowledge, someone will see your skills. For others who do not have these traits naturally you'll have to work at it 4 times as hard.

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