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Thread: A couple of suggestions for section changes

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    A couple of suggestions for section changes

    Someone proposed this on DJF 1.0 and I was against it back then, but now I think we could really do with a Mix Subs section just for n00bs. I appreciate feedback good or bad on my mixes, but I'm not really posting them to get feedback any more and I know that there are a lot of other DJs that are in the same position as me. I like helping n00bs, so if a n00b hip-hop DJ is posting because they want some help and advice then I'm more than willing to help, but having a separate section for stuff like that would benefit both n00bs and more experienced DJs IMO, so I'm not saying it to be elitist.

    Also, I think you should add "Controllers" to the "Mixers / Sound Boards" section and I think you should add "PC Tech Help" to the "Digital DJ Tools" section.

    I don't use a controller, but there's not even a mention of the word "controller" anywhere on the forum index, despite them being the weapon of choice for many DJs (particularly upcoming ones). Also, as a lot of people are incorporating laptops in their sets now, I think having a PC (and by "PC", I mean any personal computer, not a Windows PC specifically) would be useful.

    Basically, the forum sections are pretty much the same as they were years ago even though DJing has changed quite a bit since then, which is why I'm proposing these small changes.

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    controllers falls under digital.. will think about it more though not saying no yet.

    pc tech help is not a bad idea.. will think about placement. I hate sub categories to be honest, so it may be its own under digital.

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