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Thread: Recomend me some amps!

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    Recomend me some amps!

    Hey all,

    So looking to get a new set of speakers for the coming months, started looking at the EV Live X series (the passive version), two of the 12" ones. Also looking at a pair of the matching 18" passive subs. Now before you say "why not buy the powered versions?" im planning on doing a lot of smaller outdoor events (patio parties, bbq's, summer camp type stuff) where the speakers will be in sunlight and id rather not have a powered speaker overheat. Also its a pain in the ass having to run power to speakers outdoors, i find it easier to just run power to the amp instead. Its also nice knowing that drunk ppl wont screw around the the gain knobs on the back of the speaker.

    Ive herd good things about the powered version of these speakers, so i would assume the passive version has the same sound. I know they are not particularly powerfull for outdoor use but like I said they have to cover the space of a backyard / large tent without pissing off the neighbors to much.

    Anyways this is my first set of passive speakers so I need an amp recommendation. One for the tops and one to drive the subs. Ive been told certain amps are better for tops or for subs.

    Requirements are as follows: budget for the two amps approx. $1000.00 give or take a few bucks. I would like them to be reliable and from a good dealer (something like a QSC or crown). The amps don't have to match (ie. the subs can run off a different brand of amp). If the amp has DSP or a built in crossover that would be a plus as well.

    Some amps ive considered:
    -QSC GX5 (tops)/GX7 (subs) series
    -Peavey IPR 3000 (tops)/5000(subs) DSP series
    -Crown XLS Drive core series (tad on the expensive side for me)

    not sure if these are a good match for the cabs.

    Also if anyone could recommend a good crossover that would be awesome, preferably under 200 bucks.

    Thanks for the input guys!

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    I'd go either the QSC GX5/GX7 combo or the IPR combo. Apparently the XLS series don't work well on subwoofer duty. Have you factored in cabling into your budget? Decent crossover - DBX 233XL (dont get the 233 - it only has 1/4" jacks vs the XL with XLR)
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    QSC amps are great! I have a GX3 (yeah I know.... tiny wattage)
    But realistically I like my GX3 cause it has a built in crossover switch so if I wanted to hook subs and tops. Hook one sub on channel one and one top on channel 2 of one amp. Then the other sub and top on the other amp. Thus one amp represent the left channel, and the other amp represents the right channel.

    I dont know about the other amps having a built in crossover or not
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    I already have most of the trs / xlr cables to hook everything up on the amp side of things, all i would need would be 4 speakon cables to hook the speakers into the amps. Im leaning towards the GX series combo as its slightly more affordable up here in Canada.

    Quick question about speakon cables, is there a huge diffrence between 2 pole and 4 pole? Or is one set just a redundancy?

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