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Thread: DJ Drops / Intros

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassline View Post
    Hey Hinges, I sure am. However, I can not find an email from you. Please resend
    Thanks and Merry Christmas!
    I used your site 2x.. no worries. Just look for an email from Mgpcircuit. It may take me a while to respond since I am stationed overseas and the time difference.

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    Got another one done today by Paul and I'm happy with it!

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    Want to bump this thread, Paul is the BEST! Great guy and very fast service!

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    What Up guys,

    Just came across this thread. I checked out Pauls Voice Over site. While I think his intros are respectable and decent It wouldn't be the style of voice overs I'd be looking for. I personally really dig short drops that you can throw over any mix. Drops hat have some dope ass sound effects, stutter, echo, or twisted vocal sounds. Say for instance when they alter the voice to sound deep pitch and or futuristic. Stuff like that I guess. I didn't hear much on his site in the way of those type of drops. For a good Intro or commercial drop sure they sound pretty respectable. I guess if I was doing a radio show or something online, maybe I'd get this guy to do a few. Other then that, not my cup of tea.

    On the positive side, I've heard far worse voice over companies and dj drops. oh God, I've heard some really amateur stuff over the years. So hell yeah Paul your at least putting out respectable stuff.

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    Ahahaha oh my goodness!

    Just got drops and an intro made by Paul, seriously awesome quality stuff.

    10/10 would recommend to everyone here.

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    Bringing it back! Quarantine has left me with some free time on my hands. Drops, liners and Intros are back in play. Email me at basslinevo(at) to get your custom spots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bassline View Post
    Paul from Bassline Voiceovers here again at your service.

    I am once again offering members drops for only $8 a pop. Intros a bit more depending on length and complexity. Ive created hundreds of drops and Intros for members here and they'll tell you, I always let you hear before you have to commit.

    Contact me via email at basslinevo(at) or visit my website and use the Contact Form.

    You can hear a DEMO of drops on my site or here on Soundcloud.

    is it still $8 a pop?

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    Quote Originally Posted by farhanashraf View Post
    is it still $8 a pop?
    Short drops are $8. Longer ones obviously a bit more. Email me what lines youre looking for and Ill get you a sample and price. Thanks!

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    Keep em coming gang. Ive not a new suite of efx I want to explore for your drops and Intros!

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