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Thread: New Record Label Looking for artists

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    New Record Label Looking for artists

    Hi there.

    Currently I am studying Degree in Music Production and building my own record label (Sub Cube Records). Looking for new producers who record Drum & Bass, BreakBeat, Dub Step. Will be setting up everything as a real legal business with issued contracts to signed artists, but I wont be ripping off artists as all commercial record labels do and also wont be owning your work. Setting up this as a Social Enterprise to help new unsigned artists to promote their work. If anyone wants to know more info or send me some demos to check out, email to
    Will be providing promotion trough all social media network pages and label official website.

    P.S- Sorry is this is off topic for this forum, but just thought someone might be interested.

    Thank you for your time

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    Talking I am interested...

    [QUOTE=Danny Vitto;226630] I was reading this post and I am interested in this. Here is a demo of one of my songs I created :

    Tell what you think and if I qualify for the record deal!

    Thank you for your time

    E-mail -

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