My friends have put together a House Music Conference for the Northwestern area but ALL are invited to attend!
If you are on Facebook, here's the event page.

July 30 at 4:00pm until August 4 at 10:00pm in PDT

Portland Oregon

It's official!

The first annual Northwest House Music Conference (NHMC) is happening in Portland Starting Tuesday July 30th - Sunday August 4th. We are bringing some of the finest names in the underground house scene to the Northwest for an entire week. By bringing so many labels, artists and music entities together, we are looking to start something new, something fresh and something that features quality house music in the spot light.

We are only going to share some preliminary information with you right now, but we think it is enough to get any house heads attention. This will be an industry music conference aimed at attracting not just fans of the music looking to catch their favorite artists performing, but also workshops and seminars on everything from track production, to starting and correctly marketing your own label. We are even planning on featuring work shops and talks on the history and technique of dancing in house music culture, as well as the visual arts that play such a huge role in the music scene.

The following labels/music entities will be hosting events featuring their artists:

Nordic Trax
5 Magazine of hicago
Soul Fuel
Grin Trax
Serial Sickness
Ficus Tree
Home Again Recordings
Chicago House FM
Native Soul
Uniting Souls
NW FIRE Festival
All Ours
House Call
The Cut Club

The week will feature both club events at night, and various day time events occuring in parks and other appropriate venues. There will be both 21+ as well as all ages events that are affiliated with the conference, and all work shops/talks are of course open to all ages attendees. We are also planning on having official after hours events that start after the clubs close as well.

We will be breaking these out into the individual events soon, but for now here is a master list of artists confirmed so far for the week:

Johnny Fiasco
Wally Callerio
Luke Mckeehan
Dj Mes
Thomas white
Demarkus Lewis
Dj Strobe
Corduroy Mavericks
Forrest Avery
J Caprice
Jeff Service
Precious Roy
Bobby Breezy
Tim Rella
Marc Fairield
Samuel Lawrence
Deron Delgado
The Architects
Lloydy Lou
Mason Fisher
Meldoy Fisher
Miles Airon
Andrew Mataus
Dave Dluxx
Jiggablam & Kozlow
Richie Stax
Matt E Star
Kalven Swell
Micha McNelly
Dan Craig
Shawn Kahl
Mason Roberts
MR Romo
Micah McNelly
Pablo Alejandro
DoC Manny
T Mixwell
Louie Gomez
+Many More to be announced!

In addition to shows with lineups featuring these artists, we will also be offering the following workshops during the week:

Some of the work shops and talks that will be offered:
Mastering with Johny Fiasco
Native Instruments with Dj Strobe of Red Bull Music Academy
Hardware with Thomas White
Ableton with Real Time Hand Motion
Visual workshop with John Hunter
Starting and marketing a label with Corduroy Mavericks and Czboogie of 5mag
+more to be announced

In addition to fantastic music, we are also showcasing artists that provide visual stimulation as well. Expect to see the following:
Live painters
Custom mapped visual installations
Dance performances
Art installations

Events are planned to run all week long from Tuesday July 30th to Sunday Auguest 4th. It won't just be the weekend that features some of the best acts and events that are being planned, so we encourage people to make plans to come spend the whole week with us. Yes, this is a house music focused conference, but we are also offering a great experience for all fans of EDM and music festivals in general. Portland is very affordable to visit, features beautiful outdoor activities and attractions, fantastic indie music events and night life as well one of the premier foodie scenes in the country!

$75 for a pass to all conference related events(with the exception of some after hours events).
Individual show prices for those that don't pay for the full week will vary by event. Expect most individual club entries to be around $10 each.
No individual entry for work shops/talks. A full week conference bracelet is required to enter these events.

Web site coming soon!
Expect to see printed promo hitting the street around the country next month starting with WMC and SXSW!