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The reason we all are addicted to EDM is the journey the track creates in our subconscious that goes over the regular love for music.

Russian producers have evolve into a new level of intelligent with many sounds that we would never think of. We feed our brains every day with tons of music but there are those tracks that you will keep for you inner pleasure, that is what happened to me with "Past" from the hands of Russian producer Shlitt.

A very innocent and quite humble drum line starts to give the feeling of standard trance but by the time we reach the first minute a very dramatic synth hits the spectrum raising the note as it will eventually explode.

A pad that we normally called sad-pad becomes the main synth in less than 30 seconds and creates an atmospheric sound where the main synth merge with an unusual sounds of a mono-synth melody creating the big bang of electronic music all over again.

As the track ends our heads can't stop nodding and wanting more from this piece of music.

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