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Thread: Please check out this guy's radio station:)

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    Please check out this guy's radio station:)

    One of the guys on the forum (think his name is DanG) has set up an online radio station/ forum/ website/ livestream.

    It plays some cool tracks, but there's only a couple of members so it would be great if a couple of guys from here would take a listen to the radio (currently live) which is

    HERE << radio and forum

    There is also a chat window thing where you can discuss things and listen to the radio.

    When the livestream is live it's here but there is a window on the page linked above

    Here is the main website link

    P.S. It's me posting not him as he doesn't want to be some spammer constantly plugging his stuff
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    Please take a look at (and feel free to follow) my soundcloud
    And PLEASE like my facebook page, would mean a lot!

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