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Thread: Music Festivals In India

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    Music Festivals In India

    has there anyone who used to go India. classical and folk music festivals are really great. Come and enjoy the music festivals of India. is anyone interested in coming to India.?

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    yes definitely. just need someone to pay my plane ticket

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    Me too. It'll be The Blackest Hadgi tour ever!!!
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    The Blackest is absolutely spot on.
    Always bet on Black

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    I am of Indian origin and have been there. It is definitely cool to check out cultural events but might be hard to land a DJ gig and even if you do, you might not be familiar with the equipment they use.

    I should also mention, if you are a small time entertainer, you are usually treated like the hired help cuz sadly, getting involved in the entertainment business in India is not good for your social status. For instance, If I went there and told everyone I was a DJ, I'd be the laughing stock of my relatives who still live out there.

    But yeah, a great experience no doubt. So much interesting stuff going on there that you would never see in North America.
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    Me too. It'll be The Blackest Hadgi tour ever!!!

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    Blue Lotus Festival is a great folk music festival of India happening on 13th february 2013...come and enjoy it...::)

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    Hi friend,
    In my opinion,the India is very good place for traveling.I think many of music festivals are there. Goa is best place for music festivals.And Goa is one of the most dazzling tourist destinations of India. It is internationally prominent for its pristine beaches fringed by the palm trees, wildlife parks and sanctuaries along with exotic flora and fauna, historical forts and churches, colorful fairs and festivals, world class accommodation, fairs and festivals, etc. Generally, the time from December to February are regarded as the best time to visit Goa.

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    Are these people hired by India's tourism department?

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