This thread covers everything you need to know to get yourself battling other DJForums members.

First things first, you need to make a call out thread here in the battle forum. Simply title the thread as follows:

CALLING OUT: Funky House Battle

In the contents of your post, list any and all rules you would like to impose for the battle, along with a submission deadline.

Calling out anyone interested for a 1 on 1 funky house battle.
Mix must be between 25-30 minutes long
CD Players or Turntables only, no DVS, no MIDI controllers
Mix must be submitted by February 26th, 2012, voting lasts for 2 weeks

You can get as creative as you would like with the rules for your battle, i.e. loser has to put winners name in their signature for 2 months.

Once you find someone to agree to your terms, record your mix and follow the instructions at to upload it.
(PLEASE NOTE: The upload page uses a JAVA applet that you must allow to run in order to upload your file. Please make sure you have the latest version of JAVA installed on your computer and be sure to accept any warnings you see on the upload page pertaining to a javascript applet.

Label your mp3 file with your DJForums user name THEN your opponents name.

Example: KevinJames-vs-Stripe.mp3.

If you are submitting an entry for a battle with more than 2 DJs, please upload your file with your username followed by the battle genre.

Example: KevinJames-BreaksBattle.

Please encode your file at 192kps in mp3 format, and be sure to remove any ID3 tags attached to the file.

Once both files have been received the battle moderators will post your battle in the battle forum for other DJForums members to vote on. After the voting closes a forum moderator will announce your win and update your battle stats. Winning mixes will be archived and available for download on the djforums battle server for a year.

NOTE: Please try and keep your mixes between 0-40 minutes long. Anything much longer than that may deter people from judging your battle.

Happy Battles everyone!