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Thread: Post pics of your Production Setup!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Stevens View Post

    My room and setup are still work in progress but this is enough for me to at least start learning my first DAW (FL12) I hope to progress onto Cubase 9.5 Pro

    PC - Lian Li PCX510 Case, Asus Pro Gamer Z97 Motherboard, i5 4670K @ 4.4 CPU, 8 Gig Corsair RAM, Corsair H105 AIO Water Cooler, 256 M.2 SSD, CX750M PSU

    Speaker - Pioneer DJ DM-40-W, On Stage Stands

    Controller - Akai MPK25

    I run Cubase Pro 9.5 and will say it worth every penny.

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    Here's an updated, fancy panorama pic...

    EDIT : I think I've reached a point where instrument lessons would be a wiser investment than new gear.. go figure

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    Also bought a Tascam DP-03SD 8-track recorder..

    It took me the whole weekend to get the hang of it.. so far I've written two songs with it, the other's missing a few parts etc.

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    Hey guys, been a while. Cleaned up my studio and organized my cable routing to and from my rackmount... Kinda. Anyways, here's the beat lab.

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