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Thread: Post pics of your Production Setup!!!

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    May 2014
    Buenos Aires, Argentina

    FL studio 12
    Asus ROG laptop + 2 Krk Rokit 5 + Old PC Monitor.
    Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 External Audio Interface coming soon...

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    Thought I'd post an update..

    Instruments :

    Jose Ribera Classic Pro II
    SQ Telecaster Mod
    SQ Vint Mod Jazz Bass

    Yamaha PSR-2
    Roland JX8-P
    Novation Mininova

    Amps :

    Vox Pathfinder Bass 10
    Vox Pathfinder

    Studio :

    Fostex PM1mk2
    Technics SB-102
    Sony G3
    Sony TA-AX 22

    Allen&Heath Zed 10FX
    Behringer U-Control 49
    JVC KD-A11
    Pioneer PD-004
    Omnitronic DB-100
    Presonus Firepod 10
    XXL Mr. Brown

    Microphones :

    AKG C2000B
    T-Bone SC300
    T-Bone EM-700 stereo pair

    DJ :

    Mackie D.4 Pro
    Formula Sound PM-90
    Akai APC-40
    Reloop RP-5000 M3D w/ Ortofon Concorde x2
    Pioneer CDJ-800mk2 x2
    Macbook Pro
    Patchblocks x2
    Novation Nocturn 25
    Behringer FCA202

    Headphones :

    Shure SRH-750DJ

    Then there's some stuff that I've tried to fix or needs to be serviced. In the lower picture you can find my DIY diffuser/bass trap which actually reduces reflections by a few decibels (edit : I miked the room, played some white noise from the monitors and recorded two takes for A/B comparison)

    I'm not exactly an experienced producer but I would say that the most important things you can have in studio is your ears, competence in different fields of music and imagination.

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    Picked up maschine mk3, set er all up!
    Sorted my gear, and now we play!
    (((DJF member since 06')))

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