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Thread: LissenFM Coming back! Staff Required!

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    LissenFM Coming back! Staff Required!

    Alright guys (and girls ofc)

    in 2009 i launched Lissenfm. We were running strong until around January when he hit a financial block so the site went under

    We had a very strong reputation and often organised events in venues up and down the country. we planned to relaunch in november but nothing seemed to go right, i struggled to find dedicated staff, then i found a potential sponsor, he agreed to everything then a week before the launch the deal fell through, thus ending lissenfm.

    But now im determined to bring it back!

    Im looking for dedicated staff to help out with the site who want to get there mixes out to people, the shows dont have to be live they can be pre recorded which can be very valuable to staff as it makes things easier

    If your interested please get in touch, the idea is to get the staff on a payroll, it wont be mega bucks but it will be a small amount,


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    really????? you payin???? well shit holla at me'm doin a 2 hr slot for free get at me. If it matters I got a weekly fm show also but send me an e-mail for details and I'll definetly get back to you...
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