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    Is it just me but do you find the wire what links the two dicers together is a little inconvenient.

    The problem I'm having is the connection on the right one sort of hangs over the edge of the mixer and that same wire is running across the front of the mixer.

    I'm not dissing the product just lack of thought what seems to gone into the cable location.
    I've also taken heade of the warning not to disconnect while dicer is on but after investigation. I've found that if this is done the other dicer will not work and it would need to be sent back if you have a warranty.

    Anyway guys let me know your views or tricks to deal with cables as this is something new I have.

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    Those wires are a bit messy when the Dicers are used for CDJs or as tabletop. But they can be tucked away behind the decks if you use them with 1200s.
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    yea, it is a bit annoying, i used to tuck mine down the side and round the back of the mixer and then under the left turntable like this

    or if you don't move your stuff, something like this enclosure hides wires nicely - its for sale by the way

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