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Thread: Why there's about to be a big scene shift in semi-underground electronic music

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    not so sure about 'underground' getting revamped. Definitely electro and mainstream prog/house. though. Agree 100% with the OP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by monomer View Post
    And the sound of REAL electro. Not the electro-house-fidget-house shit that I hear everywhere.

    Someone knows. Now go tell the fannies in the electro forum. / #TeamIdiot
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    So has underground really disappeared?
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    Radio music and dominant popular underground music did get a lot bassier like 2 years later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drumpusher View Post
    What is this subjective bullshit on my DJF?
    I think DJs out of all the people in the music industry have the right to demand better music (I mean cratedigging IS tedious).. then again there are DJs turned producers who have next to nothing against the big labels, as much as there are artists having a label breathing down their neck and trying to keep up with the executives waving their sales figures.

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    Blast from the past. Where's that "big shift" then? I noticed an increase in crappy semi-illiterate autotuned amateur rappers, and they all sound like inbred cousins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Manu View Post
    Blast from the past. Where's that "big shift" then?
    I think it's about people working for people instead of people working for money.. these things in music seem to come and go in roughly 5 year cycles.

    Semi-underground is rather vague but most things that have mainstream potential and appeal tend to get monetized real quickly, with the downside of the pioneering generation becoming unemployed or quitting because they never got used to doing it for the money alone. Then again people working in mainstream will almost never be seen as nothing else than using the audience as a resource.

    Of course this is very harsh generalization, but I think many will find themselves in a tricky situation wherein the music could possibly pay their bills but they can't do it for their ideals, or in the sense that you won't be able to dabble or experiment due to pressure from the label or not having enough street credibility.

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