Greetings and if you are a new member, welcome to this site and section.

By looking at this thread it shows that you are taking an interest in this genre of music and we are glad to hear it. Drum N Bass has been around for a long time and we all hope it will continue to gather momentum.

I'm sure though you don't fully understand how the genre is defined and this is the purpose of this article. It should help you work out what sub genres you like and don't like.

Remember, if there is something you don't fully understand either if it's to do with the sub genres or mixing them, please feel free to post in this section of the froum. Please try not to post in the general or beginners section of the forum. This is not against forum rules but you won't usually receive advice from dnb and jungle dj's, but mostly house and trance DJ's, who may use different techniques, depending on your question.

Don't be scared, we are a friendly, welcoming bunch