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Thread: The Disco/Filtered/French House thread - The greatest thread of all time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Bike View Post

    we're planning for 100 copies of vinyl.

    not sure how helpful i'll be but ya ask away ha.
    Lemme know and I'd pick one up.

    Haha. Cheers!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Finnish_Fox View Post
    Lemme know and I'd pick one up.

    Haha. Cheers!
    never ended up happening unfortunately. maybe somewhere down the road..

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    You guys... I fucking love you guys.. ALL OF YOU!!! ... I feel like this is the only place on the internet I can find anymore that appreciates the best House ever! Thank you!

    I wish I knew how to make House like this.. Can I ask, where do you get your samples from for this kind of stuff?

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