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Thread: Looking to Upgrade from Freekie DMX Controller, should I switch to computer based???

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    Looking to Upgrade from Freekie DMX Controller, should I switch to computer based???

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm look for some opinions from you light gurus. I have been using a Martin Freekie DMX controller for a while now, and I am starting to think it may be time to switch to something with a little more diversity. The freekie has worked great, no problems, but I know the freekie is very limited to what you can do with a light show, basic circles, pan and tilt, "which those can be a little jerky" etc... I was possibly thinking of purchasing lightjockey, or show express, or something in those lines, and I wanted to get peoples opinion on all the different controllers out there. I am very open to anything, even if it isn't computer based, but I have been seeing quite a few shows that are really cool, that is just very hard to do or not possible at all with the freekie.

    I like the computer based programs because you don't have to set up the lights etc... to program them, but on the other hand I have a couple concerns. For example, I downloaded the free lightjockey trial from Martin, and it seemed a little tricky, but I figure once you figure it out, it shouldn't be too bad. But the other concern for computer based was getting all the different profiles for all the different lights out there. I have quite a few lights, mostly well known, but what about the not so well known lights??? Is that a problem for those of you using computer based? It seems like computer based is the way to go overall, just seems like you can do soooo much more. If you guys have any experiences or advice on what to possibly purchase, please feel free to share. I was very much thinking of going with lightjockey, but for those of you who use show express, how do you like it???

    My main lights right now are 4 Kryptons, 2 SCX 800s, and some other odds and ends. Thanks guys.


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    All types of software definitely have some type of learning curve involved with them. Usually the more complex the software, the higher the curve will be. However, once you know your way around more or less, it will be a snap for you. Standalone DMX controllers also have a learning curve associated with them, especially when programming scenes and shows.

    I'm sure LightJockey has some sort of documentation or training manuals/videos to help you get started. I know Blizzard Lighting just released a series of 6 videos on Youtube introducing new users to their DMX software, know as Eclipse.

    I've personally never used LightJockey, however I'm pretty sure it is possible to create your own profiles. Additionally, you can request the profile from Martin using this link:

    I would definitely go with LightJockey over ShowExpress. I believe I read somewhere that is the "standard' when it comes to Computer Based DMX Control Software. And if your looking for more features, Software based is the way to go. Unlimited scenes/shows, visualizers, color pickers, ect...

    It's a bit expensive thou, but if you have the funds, go for it
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