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Thread: Latin Music (top 20/40

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    Latin Music (top 20/40

    hi just wondering, any of you who plays latin music

    do you have any recomendations on websites or pools or otherwise which enable a dj to stay on top of things regarding all the latest hits in latin music

    say a list of the top 20 of the following styles
    such as bachata, regaeton, mambo, salsa, etc.

    and preferrably the abilty to buy the songs too.

    or even a series of "now thats what i call music" but a latin version

    i know latin music is a very large thing with many different countries to consider so its hard to take any one single reference.

    but the pools and websites i have been using so far seem somewhat sluggish to keep with the going trends.

    ie. latinos unidos has not even got a genre alocated to "mambo" (the modern merengue off shoot)

    dj koko, has songs labelled as 2009/10/11 when on speaking to latinos im realising the song came out many years previously

    top maybe one of the better references but it does not focus specifically on "latin music genres" also it seems they have not updated the site lately since 2010

    i have not tried yet... is it any better?

    if there was a subscription service that would just send me the top 20 each month that would be Ace!
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    I'd be interested in this too. There's a decent Latin population in my town's party scene. The only time I get any Latin music is through specific requests or recommendations from the people I know.

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    To spin latin, you just kind of need to know it there's not that many tracks released consistently compared to pop, hiphop etc.
    But some good artists are:
    Omega El Fuerte - Mambo/Merengue
    Anthony Santos- Bachata
    Prince Royce- Bachata
    Aventura- Bachata
    Marc Anthony- Salsa
    Oscar D Leon- Salsa
    Joe Arroyo- Salsa
    Hector Lavoe-Salsa

    Reggaeton is dead. Barely played. But Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Wisin Y Yandel are big artists.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJArmani View Post
    To spin latin, you just kind of need to know it.....
    your right, & i do know it but staying on top of things is tricky because i live very very far from latin america or any area heavily populated with latinos (but we still love latin music and there are some here)

    understandably old music is as popular as new music for latinos and i knw that
    but regarding the new stuff, one wants to have the newest
    i dislike djs who are out of touch, so i dont want to be one

    Quote Originally Posted by DJArmani View Post

    Reggaeton is dead. Barely played. But Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Wisin Y Yandel are big artists.
    you see i didnt know that, iand going by dj pools i mentioned one would have not guessed that either
    i would like to hear if this is the case all over

    in 2009 reggaeton was all they were playing in some places in south america

    the last two times i went to south america i was in colombia and they dont listen to a great deal of regaeton their anyway, they have their own "urban" stuff

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    The cool thing about playing latin music, is that it never gets old..........people never get tired of hearing them!

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    I use

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    and a few others I can't think of off the top of my head artists email me most of their tracks or I get them at the studio when they record them (Pitbull, Don Omar, romeo, Bachata heights ect )
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    Promo only tropical latin,pop latin and carribean are good to have

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