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    Chauvet Circus 2.0 Review> by me>my opinion>
    Turned in the Circus and received the Circus 2.0.
    Housing is about the same size, price hasn't changed MAP is about $199.99-$205.00 US
    The Circus is a moonflower with actively moving dots that zip across up and down in patterns much
    similar to the ADJ Revo 4. But with 5 lenses that randomly turn on with RBGW and Amber leds.
    Very bright fixture and well worth the price, also noting buying two and linking them looks really nice especially
    if you do large venues because the span is huge for even just one. However the range is not as large as the before mentioned REVO 4.

    1. Can manually adjust the AUTO speed of random programs without the use of DMX.
    2. Mount bracket is larger so you may be able to aim it up on a T bar or truss.
    3. Not my favorite thing but now has white strobe LEDS.
    4. Optional remote control can operate many functions like DMX

    The only feature I miss from the older version is the availability to have the light on a certain color (non-DMX use)
    during slow songs and it not going ballistic. It was a nice mood light effect. The IRC remote control, though I
    haven't used it yet seems weird because its a line of sight remote which like a tv remote, to me seems unreliable.
    I can be wrong though, but I do know is that if I had one, I'd probably lose it.
    In closing Chauvet, makes great lighting effects and is constantly beating down on industry leader, ADJ. Its good
    to see the two giants battling it out bringing new items for the mobile market. And Chauvet upped the ante by adding the remote
    on the Circus series light.

    UPDATE: I went out and bought the remote control, the Chauvet IRC. It works fine, no where near like DMX but at least there is a choice of sound active, auto and strobe.

    what I like about the IRC remote:
    1) very small and easy to tote along
    2) does work from 50 or more feet away

    what I dont like:
    1) easy to lose
    2) weird replacement battery
    3) doesn't do much
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatcatdj View Post
    Eliminator Electro Ray.
    When you think Eliminator, eww usually is thought. But now that everything is made in China, the lighting
    wars are at a even keel. The Electro Ray is a large lens derby that emits an usually wide swath of light rays
    in blue, red, green. I have it in on TEST mode, sound adctive off and it goes through all of its many patterns.

    Sound active is a good mode, though not as active as TEST. The rear panel has the usual suspects. The unit
    gets a one year warranty. Cost is between $149-$169 (average price)

    What I like about the Electro Ray is not the name, its pretty lame but better than some stupid letters and numbers.
    Whats cool is the large swath of colors, strobe effect and scan. Its not going to amaze you, the dj, but patrons
    dancing will love looking at the light. Its not a moonflower, so its easy on the eyes.

    I give the Electro Ray a good 8, for its price point also for what it does. Not a "wow" light but a fixture that can be
    used to cover a lot of area for cheap.
    Update: The light is being discontinued (shocker) The MAP now is $125. Still a great light with big coverage!
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    American Dj UC3 Remote

    Hello and welcome to 2007. Well at least for me. When you're a single mobile operator, there are times (many) that you dont want to
    route DMX cables all over the place. This UC3 is a good way to semi control your American Dj product that has the jack for this.
    Of course it has black out, and the other functions just scroll thru the programs of the lighting fixture.

    What I like about it is that its:
    1) lightweight
    2) cheap
    3) has 25 feet of cable
    4) LEDs to show modes

    What I don't like:
    1) has 25 feet of cable
    2) a lot of other ADJ products still do not have the 1/4" jack
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    ADJ Mega Tri Par Profile Plus
    I really hope American Dj doesn't send a hit man after me. They are located in the same town I'm in. These units are weak.

    Weakness IMO:
    1. Not very bright, the reason I bought them is not to have a weak light.
    2. Color mixes are awful, the white and orange aren't even close.
    3. Plastic housing
    4. IEC inputs

    1. Very flat, for up lights you dont even need the brackets because of the rubber feet.
    2. The DMX in/out are situated on the sides
    3. Tri bulbs are better than a bunch of LEDS
    4. American Dj backs up their stuff, isnt a flyby night Chinese cheapie

    In closing, these are wonderful for house parties and small halls. But when its time to do a large or huge hall
    these won't cut it. I have an arsenal of Eliminator Tri 9 IR and they honestly put out 50% more light. Whats
    good about getting a par with 9 or more Tri's is that you know you have the candle power in small rooms to make it explode
    rather than the max that these can do is just OK in a small-medium room. These 5w LEDs don't cut it unless they were 15W each. I could make a comparison video if needed.
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