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Thread: Want to submit a review for the reviews section?

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    Post Want to submit a review for the reviews section?

    How can you help djf by submitting a review?

    Its simple, post the review and past the link in this thread

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    Review on Behringer NOX1010 mixer

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    My review of the behringer nox 202

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    American Audio QD6. Not so good!

    I liked the QD6, since it makes a good mixer for a "back yard hobby" DJ. The three channels make it convenient. Hook my computer on the center channel. And some extra features for the "headphone queuing" which is nice! And it does have balance outputs as well. I never used it though.

    So I had it for more than 3 years. Then it gives. The outputs stopped working. Also had a problem a year ago with the headphone jack not working on one channel. I just lived with it by putting my headphones on mono.

    Well after all, the mixer was $100. BUT I was happy with the mixer, I liked it! So $100 for 3 years. We get what we pay for?? Yeah $100 for 3 years. For the high quality ones, we're going loose more than $100 in their value overtime. Heck, more than a few times that, if talking about those professional $2500 mixers
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    mixtrack 3 review

    I thought i'd do a review on the numark mixtrack 3. the 100mm pitch sliders and the high/low filters are great. im not a fan of the scratch wheels, they just don't scratch very well in my opinion. I also don't like having to hold the "pad mode" button down while I select which pad mode I want then finally get to use the pads. Its hard when you're going fast and I feel they made it more complicated then it should be to select a pad mode just to save a few dollars and put a few less buttons on the controller. but for $200 its probably the best you can get

    I think I might get rid of it a get the pioneer DDJ-SR or DDJ-SD just because of the pad mode selection buttons
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    Formula Sound FF6.2

    This is part of the continuing collaboration between two great British companies Funktion One and Formula sound who both have stunning pedigrees to live up to. Formula sound have made some of the most iconic mixers a DJ booth has ever seen and Funktion One make in my opinion the best professional sound systems in the world.

    Taking it out of the familiar Formula Sound box the first thing you notice is the weight, for a DJ mixer its encouragingly heavy it feels solid and the range of controls makes it look on first glance very like the popular FF6000 in black.

    Setting it up is pretty straight forward , swapped out the FF4000 from Glasgow Universities Hive nightclub which is conveniently kitted out with a Funktion on Res4/F221 system witch is capable of shaking the whole west end . The mixer is routed through a Formula sound limiter AVC2D to keep the system from destroying the new union building and to prevent to much movement on the snooker tables 4 floors above. The x-over is a Funktion one XO4 and the amps are Funktion one E series including an E90 9000W @ 4ohms monster for the 4 21" drivers on the bottom end.

    After plugging in chasing of some random medical students that may have been drinking i stuck on a CD copy of the new chic remix releases to warm the system up.. I plugged in my HD25s and put them on to be stunned with what sounded like a completely different set of headphones, (i,ve owned these for at least 12 years and done thousands of gigs with them) the sound was stunning through the cans, the detail and openness was quite disconcerting, not like any other mixer I've used ever, this was a pretty good start to the evening.

    Once everything was as i like it and i had put my mixing trousers on i got some newish house tunes out, toward the funkier side with decent production and wound the system up a bit, first obvious thing you notice is there are four eq pots per channel giving substantially more frequency cutting control around the sub end of the spectrum, you can keep the energy on the floor while reducing the wash of sub that can spoil the mix . With the eq's flat the sound is big really really big there is so much space in the music which i have to add made the first few mixes terrifying because you can hear everything, you need to be accurate and thoughtful. Once you get your head around the quality of the output it really starts to get exciting, stuff happens in mixes that you have never heard before which encourages experimentation, i had genuine excitement while using this, i cant remember feeling that since the first residencies that i had the chance to play 4 nights a week which gave you the chance to really experiment with how certain tunes mix together.

    The addition of HPF/LPF on the line channels gives you a bit of variation in executing mixes and if you feel the need there is ample provision to insert effects processors, preferably high end low noise to minimise distortion on the channels. The Mic channels have compressors on them which is an intelligent addition to the desk especially if you have a guest vocalist as the Formula Sound mic channels are better than most house desks, and if you are working a big room the compressor makes a big difference, also handy if you are recording the set.

    All in all i had a ball of a night with the FF6.2 if you currently use ta FF4000 or FF6000 you will find it familiar but so much better, you do have to concentrate on your mixes but it encourages you to have a bit of fun and as an old bugger of 52 with 37 years of playing with DJ equipment for a living i loved it an
    i want one, NOW!

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