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Thread: Jilted Jane - Spacetime Singularity - Deepness of Drum n Bass

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    Jilted Jane - Spacetime Singularity - Deepness of Drum n Bass

    Recorded this mix back in December of 2010 as a dummy run, was intending to lengthening it but don't think I can better it. Big mention to steevo who put in time and effort to help but was never rewarded for his time. I will do a collab with you one day mate. Also to Blueprint: your contribution is most appreciated


    1. Insight - In Orbit
    2. Korista - Mind (Infuzoria Remix)
    3. Physics - Send Your Neighbour Into Space
    4. Greenfly - Sandstorm
    5. Pyro & Jesta - Cho
    6. Omni Trio - Kinectic
    7. Orange & Blue - The Vistors
    8. Orange & Blue - Tranquility Drift
    9. Smote - Living Soul
    10. Blueprint - Soundscapes
    11. DJ Trax - Be Moved Remix
    12. Electrosoul System - Sputnik
    13. Cutworks - Alone In Silence
    14. PBK - Fornax

    Mixcloud - Stream

    Mixcrate - Download

    Hope You Enjoy it
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    Will give this a listen as soon as time will allow me

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    Ohhhh I forgot about this! I should be able to get it in within the next day or so! Sorry Jane, thanks for the bump to remind me.

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    Haven't forgot about this, again. Once my daughter wakes up I'm throwing this one on!

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    We took a drive today (1 hour 35 minutes each way) and had a chance to listen to your mix... twice

    I'll give you the thoughts that come directly to mind:

    - I really wished it went longer... I didn't want it to end, and also it ended "abruptly" if anything (I know you say it was a project yes?)
    - The track selection was s.p.o.t. on! Not only did every single track feel like it was ment for each other, but the tracks had a very "outer space" feel, which I see you were aiming for.
    - Really enjoyed the astronaut stuff in some of it. Gave it even more of a "space" feel
    - Mixing was nearly perfection.. only thing I noticed was one track (later in the mix not sure which one.. I can snag a time stamp if you want me to) the incoming track was "noticeable" coming in. I'm sure not to everyone, but just something I noticed.
    - This mixset will stay on my Evo for a long time

    What genre is this? Liquid? (sorry I'm totally clueless. I guess I like "Neuro Funk" (?) most?) The genre is very "airy" and I DO enjoy it for sure.

    If anyone is looking for a great morning drive mixset, I highly recommend this. 9 / 10 for me

    Thanks for posting this one Jane.

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    Jane! Just caught this on your sig this morning, great mix!

    I have many of the same sentiments as Ellisentials -- great mix, excellent selection, smooth mixing, overall 8/10 for a most promising demo. Will/Would recommend to friends.


    was intending to lengthening it but don't think I can better it
    Poppycock. You just need (we all just need?) the time to make it happen.

    What genre is this? Liquid?
    That's what I'd call it. But I think 'chill ass groovey dnb' covers it also.
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    Thanks for the comments this has really cheered me up, feeling unwell atm. One day I will lengthen it we got a future engineers ep a year after i recorded that demo that i always felt may have worked with it but haven't tried it yet.

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    Gonna give this a listen now

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