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Thread: How to Hook up Passive/Active speakers, amps, and powered mixer?

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    How to Hook up Passive/Active speakers, amps, and powered mixer?

    I need help hooking up a unique speaker setup. Right now the problem I am having is that I am getting popping sounds from the speakers every now and then, humming/buzzing, and really horrible sound quality. I am going to begin by telling you the equipment I am using and how I have it hooked up currently and then ask you guys what you thing I should do.

    the equipment i am using is:

    4 - JBL 15Inch 2-Way Speaker Passive Full Range Speaker (they are stacked 2 on the left two on the right)
    1 - EUROLIVE B1800D-PRO High-Performance Active 1400-Watt 18" PA Subwoofer With Built-In Stereo Crossover
    2 -Alto Professional TS112A Truesonic Powered Speaker - (these are the booth monitors)
    1 - 400 watt mixeer
    1 - QSC PLX1104 Lightweight Power Amplifier
    1 - pioneer ddj-s1

    Okay so this is how I have it hooked up right now:

    ddj-s1 conected to the B1800D-PRO sub inputs via xlr
    B1800D-PRO sub outputs go into the 400 watt mixers inputs 1 and 2 via xlr
    400 watt mixers powered outputs go to the 2 left and right jbl speakers via 12 gauge speaker cable
    400 watt mixers stereo outputs connect to QSC amp input via 1/4" to xlr
    QSC amp out puts go to remaining 2 left and right jbl speakers via 12 gauge speaker cable
    1 JBL speaker output to Alto powered speaker input via 1/4" to 1/4" -----"daisy chained"
    Alto powered speaker to other Alto powerd speaker via 1/4" to 1/4" -----"daisy chained"

    also these alto speakers have a ground and a contour button on them that i have no idea what they are for however even the two Alto speakers are not on the setup I have still having sound issues.

    Now that you know how I have it hooked up let me tell you this:

    The sound issues that I am having mainly occur when I have the sub hooked up. If I bypass the sub and connect the DDJ-S1 directly to the mixer the popping and humming in the speaker is less likely to occur however it still does occur. I have done research on the DDJ-S1 and it seams to be a ground loop issue or something but is there another way I should hook this up like all the powered stuff 1st or all of the powered stuff last.

    What would you do or what should I do?
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    What brand mixer and what model JBL speakers?
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    run the main outs from your dds to an electronic crossover. run the left and right channels to the crown amp, daisy chain 2 JBLs off of each channel on the crown amp. Run the sub off of the sub out on the crossover. Run the booth monitors off of the RCA outs on your dds (just pick up a couple RCA to XLR adaptors).

    Get rid of the 400 watt mixer or use it as a backup.

    when you fire everything up turn the volume down all the way on your monitors, bring up the mains to the level you want them at and then bring up the monitors.

    I think part of your problem is that you've got an amplified signal going to a JBL which then goes to your powered monitors.
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    Get rid of the powered mixer, at least don't use it as an amp and buy another real amp. Then go out and get a dBX Driverack to manage your sound system. It'll optimize how you can use your tops with your subs and also you have more routing options. Having two 2-way speakers stacked per side isn't ideal and can cause sound cancellation, in the long run you'd be better off with better tops and more subs.

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