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    Lee Stevens

    Sound Interface

    Thread Starter: Lee Stevens


    Sorry to ask again but am still not sure about buying a sound interface, I get that using one is better sound quality so that is why i

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    EV ELX preset for Dc-One?

    Thread Starter: Vaggelis

    Has someone made it preset for Electro Voice speakers ELX for Processor Dc-One?

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    Was DJ Not Applicable

    Thread Starter: therealDJna


    Something happened to mess up my account, so I have a new one. I used to be DJ Not Applicable, but it was somehow corrupted.

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    DJ Elevate

    How to properly set gains on your equipment - the debate is driving me nuts - help!

    Thread Starter: DJ Elevate

    As a network engineer in my day job, I'm all about "optimal". Now, with that context in mind, here's my opinion on setting gain/levels. On

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    Malaa DJing effects

    Thread Starter: DukeBox

    Does anyone know the effect Malaa uses when he mixes for his drops? He has videos all over his instagram and it sounds hectic. Very nice for the bass

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    Hand overs

    Thread Starter: Spy

    Wasn't sure whether to post this here or in 'Off Topic', so please forgive me and feel free to move if necessary.

    When you're part of a

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    Question about keys

    Thread Starter: TranceSpinner

    Hi, noob DJ here, so tin hat firmly on.

    I've been fooling around with mixing software for quite some time, but haven't quite made

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