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DJ Forums Rules and Guidelines:

dj forums Rules and Guidelines:

#1 - Potentially offensive words, names, terms, and URLs (i.e. are not allowed in screen names.

#2 - Keep cursing, swearing, profanity, or vulgar language to a minimum in ALL parts of the forums. People of all ages, races, and lifestyles are welcome on DJF, so please be respectful when posting. Habitual vulgar language will lead to a warning, infraction, time out, or banning. DJF will not tolerate profanity or indications of profanity in thread titles. This includes partial words with characters such as @#$%&* in them.

#3 - No trolling, non-relevant, disruptive, or inciting posts will be allowed. Any flaming, racist, sexist, religious, homophobic or offensive comments will result in disciplinary action.

#4 - Commercial, retail sales as well as promoters & (record) labels need a vendor account to promote their product or services in any manner. This includes any "for profit" promotion, sales or service.

#5 - No insulting, disrespectful, harassing or attacking other members or their personal opinions. No style of music is better than the other; no style of music is truer than another. Administrators and Moderators have sole discretion to determine what is considered to be a violation of this rule.

#6 - No insulting, disrespecting, arguing or “calling out” moderators or administrators. Being disrespectful will not be tolerated.

#7 - Please post in the correct forum section, and do not cross-post topics to multiple sections.

#8 - Please keep posts on topic, there is no need to purposely post something that has nothing to do with the topic. Please try not to hijack a thread onto another topic. Please stay on topic relative to the thread title or primary question and/or specific subject.

#9 - Please refrain from typing in all caps or using text speak or "l33t speak" (e.g. (***, @@@, DjCo0Lb1tCh) especially in the subject lines.

#10 – No posting pornographic images of any kind on the forum.

#11 - Piracy is not tolerated at DJF. Posts that request or suggest use of pirated content (i.e. music or software) will be removed and any users participating in the discussion will be at risk of disciplinary action.

#12 - Spam will not be tolerated. It will be deleted and the member posting it will be disciplined. If you have music or equipment to sell, start a thread in the relevant forum section. Any commercial, retail selling, or promotional posts require a vendor account (please see the vendor FAQ for more information). If your first (and only) post is "check out my site" or any other link it WILL be deleted. The same goes for members looking for DJs. Threads like that will be considered spam and removed.

#13 - Any discussion on the topic of drugs must be conducted in a mature manner. DJF does not allow "who does what drugs when spinning?" posts.

#14 – Threads involving highly controversial topics (like race, guns, religion, and politics) are confined to specific areas of DJF.

#15 - Embedding videos and mixes in your signature is NOT allowed. This includes soundcloud, mixcloud, youtube, etc.

#16 - To post a mix or links to Soundcloud, Mixcloud, YouTube, and / or any other online accounts or websites, you must have completed both of the following:
a) Accumulate 30 posts by participating in any area of the forum.
b) Be a member in good standing for a minimum period of 30 days.
Posting your mix in another forum section will be viewed as circumventing the rules, thus the post will be deleted and disciplinary action given.

#17 – Beginner mixes can be posted in the beginners section only, but must be no more than 10 minutes in length. Mixes longer than 10 minutes will be viewed as circumventing rule 16, will be deleted & disciplinary action will be issued.

#18 - Rapid posting (Postwhoring) is not allowed. Just randomly posting in threads just to boost post count is not allowed. Digging up & posting in countless old threads is not allowed.

#19 - Multiple user accounts are not allowed. No member is allowed to have more than one account.

In general, respect fellow staff, members and the DJ Forums community.

The views expressed on the message board are not necessarily those of djforums creators and maintainers reserve the right to edit any and all content of the message board.

If you have questions about the rules, please consult a moderator or administrator.

Classifieds FAQ

djforums buyer / seller guidelines: please read before posting

Here are a few guidelines to buying / selling in the classifieds forum: djforums is not held responsible for transactions that take place.

It is imperative that you understand that if you registered just to sell, you’ll have a hard time and need to do the following to help yourself:
0) You must have more than 60 posts to post. (post whoring just to raise it will not be tolerated. They will be deleted and puts you at risk of a ban or time out)
1) Complete ALL fields in your profile. including your location. This way people will know where the item forsale is located.
2) When posting, please add all the contact info and as much info on item as possible. including the price you are selling it for.
3) If you post an item, please answer all questions that are asked, otherwise it will look shady.
4) Please put FS in the thread subject. It will help people to see if an item.. ( WTB items have been moved to their own forum)
5) If you are posting an ebay auction, please put FA in the beginning of the subject. Also if you are posting a link to an auction and it is your first post, it will be considered spam and removed.
6) Post a picture of the item for sale and if you need to host a pic for free go to;

1) Always check the post count and/or date that seller registered.
2) Ask every possible question regarding background and contact info.
3) Search the posts made by this seller to get an idea of who they are and if they have sold before.
4) Always check profile of the seller.
5) Use a safe payment option such as paypal.

Vendor and Services FAQ

Why should vendors register a vendor account at djforums?
Bulletin Boards such as provide vendors with a large audience for targeted advertizing. Vendors can specifically target specials, and sales based on the types of members who browse the board, as well as easily answer questions users may have regarding their product. Vendors can also use the BB to prevent misrepresentation of their product by disgruntled users. Vendors can post extensive details about their company or products in their posts, helping to increase sales potential. The staff works hard to provide it's members and vendors with a reliable, friendly message board, and the back end cost often goes unnoticed by the users. The vendor accounts are a way for to recoup much of what is put into running the site.

What if I don't sign up?
If a moderator or administrator sees a post from a vendor who is not signed up, their post will be temporarily removed, and they will be notified of the vendor account requirement. If the vendor refuses to sign up, and continues to "spam" the board, they will be banned indefinitely.

What benefits will I get, other than the right to post?
Vendors are granted access to a special vendor forum, where they can post sales, specials, and announcements. Standard and VIP users can browse and post replies, but cannot post new threads. They also are granted a larger avatar size, custom title, larger PM box, larger attachment size, and access to the Vendor and VIP forums.

How do I sign up as an authorized vendor?
To sign up as a vendor, please use the Subscriptions page.

Why can't VIP and standard users post new threads in the vendor forum?
This is done to prevent "junk" posts from driving vendor threads off the first page. By preventing non-vendors from starting threads, it will keep the forum clean, and give vendor posts good visibility. Please note that moderators and administrators have full access to the forums. So any attempts by a vendor to slander another company, intentional flaming, or sales sabotage will be dealt with.

What if I wish to start a group buy on a product?
Group buys should be placed in the vendor forums.

Am I allowed to sell my product in threads in the general forums?
We at do not allow spam of any sort. If a user posts asking about a specific product, posts by vendors that simply say "buy from me" will be removed. Proper forum etiquette would be properly answering their question regarding the product, and then mentioning whether your company stocks it. If you wish to try and sell to the user, suggest they see thread in the vendor's area, or PM you for more details on the product.

What if I see another vendor post as in the example above, can I let the user know I carry the product as well?
Price wars are not allowed. If you wish to make it known that your company sells the product in response to another vendor in the general forums, that is fine. Under no circumstances are you to try and undercut another vendor. We expect the vendors to respect each other.

What if I only want to post a single thread?
Then we recommend you sign up for one month only.

I appreciate helping to grow my business, are there other ways I can help the forums?
Certainly, product reviews are always welcome, or Private Message one of the Administrators, and we will be glad to answer your questions

What is VIP

What is VIP?

VIP is a way that you can support djf. VIP is a voluntary paid membership for members who would like to support the site that supports the community.

By signing up as a VIP member, you will have access to a few added perks as well.

This membership is 100% voluntary, even without it you will still have access to all the same features and forums that you would expect with your regular membership.

The additional benefits you will get for signing up as a VIP member are:

- Access to a dedicated VIP area of the forums.
- Username color for the VIP group stands out on the forum grid more than regular membership.
- Larger PM box
- Larger Avatar
- The main google ads are hidden.
- Larger attachement sizes.
- Custom user title
- Image bar allowed in signature
- Plus alot more to come

Currently the subscriptions are on a month to month basis and are non refundable.

As a VIP member, you still need to follow the rules of djforums as you are still eligable for infractions which could lead to a temporary ban. Once again, the subscriptions are non refundable.

Currently, the only method of payment is through paypal.

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