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    What are the "spaces or dividers" on control vinyl used for?

    Thread Starter: jblade

    Brand new..... (please be patient with me)

    So I am looking at pictures of control vinyl and I notice spaces that look like they separate

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    VJ LouNYC

    DJ Desk in the making....

    Thread Starter: VJ LouNYC

    What's up guys,

    It's been while since I've posted. Hope everyone is doing well. Happy New Year.

    I've since retired from

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    FS: 2 Technics 1200 MK2 $650

    Thread Starter: djransom

    I've had these decks since September and purchased them from GC. No issues with them at all, but I've recently decided to upgrade to the Pioneer PLX tables

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    Will MaXimal

    Namm 2017

    Thread Starter: Will MaXimal

    Anyone on the forum going to NAMM this year???


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    DJ Matt

    two djs using DVS ? the logistics

    Thread Starter: DJ Matt

    im a vinyl DJ at heart, always have been, but got used to using controllers nowdays out of convenience.

    now , i Got a gig coming up

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    Serato and engine.

    Thread Starter: Salvatorch

    So I just recently purchased a mcx8000 and yesterday bough a new MacBook. Tried setting up engine and serato. Have them both downloaded and started to

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    Reduce/eliminate echo in large room

    Thread Starter: Seph

    What is the best speaker position to reduce or eliminate echo in a large venue with high ceilings?

    Last Post By: KLH 01-15-2017, 08:53 AM Go to last post

    Big problems with loading ehd to serato - too much music?

    Thread Starter: mrpep

    I connected an external hard drive loaded with music to my pc and when I opened serato I would get an error.

    So I removed

    Last Post By: mrpep 01-15-2017, 12:36 AM Go to last post

    3D sculptures for turntable DJs?

    Thread Starter: monkeystyle

    ... you know especially the trance DJs would be into this


    Last Post By: Rek_Aviles 01-16-2017, 03:58 PM Go to last post

    Audio Interface for Live Sound/PA...?

    Thread Starter: DjBetta

    I want to use an audio interface over a traditional analog/digital mixer for my live sound/PA events. Reason why I want to use an audio interface is because

    Last Post By: mitchiemasha 01-12-2017, 05:13 PM Go to last post

    DJ Mixer/ deck won't register with any device

    Thread Starter: Wobbler

    Hi all - new to the forum and a big hello from me

    I am very new to this scene, recently getting into it because I just LOVE music so why

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  • Member Of The Month

    January 2017 Member Of The Month is Manu.

    Manu: Moderator of the music sections

    Manu has been a member here at DJF for many years, back to DJF 1. Manu has always been here... always. Never far away when you needed a little advise. Early in his days here, you might get a little more advice than you wanted.
    Not long ago, KLH & I were made site Administrators of DJF & while that's another story, we knew that we needed to assess the current Moderators, we knew that we needed some new blood who had the time, knowledge & temperament to be a Moderator. I had noticed Manu's many helpful posts & got to looking into his past. I looked at his length of service as a member, his number of posts, the sections he frequented most, how he answered & replied to posts for advise, his temperament & I had a feeling Manu might be a good candidate to consider. We discussed & evaluated his time here & decided, we'd give him an opportunity to see how he'd do.
    We assigned him to one of the worse sections on DJF......... the music sections. That place was a mess, a complete mess! It was completely out of order, littered with spam, threads in the wrong sections... it was horrible.
    Basically from day one, Manu hit the moderators section & began to research how it all worked back there & kinda how we work behind the scenes. He didn't hesitate. He started a little trial & error, moving posts, deleting threads, issuing warnings & infractions to would be spammers & litterers.
    My old GM at the radio station once told me; generally, you don't miss what you don't see. In that, members may not realize that since Manu has been a moderator, you don't see a lot of the spam & junk posts/threads you used to. I am not sure he ever sleeps. I think he is here working in those sections 18 hours a day. As always... Manu "has always been here" & he is still "always here".... working, researching, monitoring & moderating his sections & reporting things in other sections, all to make DJF a better place for its members.

    For our first ever "Member Of The Month", Manu was an easy pick for KLH & I to make. We appreciate all that Manu has done, not only as a Moderator, but for the forum as a whole. Thank you Manu! You whole heatedly deserve this. We came up with a few questions for Manu & here are his responses.

    When did you first become interested in being a DJ?
    I was interested before I even knew what a DJ is or does. I don't remember because I was too young. Here goes:


    According to my mum, I would do this all day long. And I still have that deck at my dad's house...

    What inspired you to pursue that idea to become a DJ?
    I had no idea to begin with, I was just playing records as a child. Then I figured I could listen to music faster and without silence or pause by owning 2 decks, that's pretty much where it started.

    How long have you been an active DJ?
    There was that entertainment room at college, which included a DJ booth. 2 record players with no pitch, a Tandy / Realistic basic mixer and a Jamo PA. I took over every single day of the week, and it's been 28 years since.

    What was your first equipment?
    See the picture above. Record player with two integrated speakers that would unclip from the unit, itself built like a suitcase. It also features fancy controls including tone and pitch. I broke lots of needles on that thing...

    What equipment do you own or mostly use now?
    It's a bit long...

    2 x Pioneer CDJ 400

    Numark CDN 88

    2 x Technics 1210 - Sicmats and Stanton 500 carts on technics shells

    Philips hifi CD630 player, used for sound quality checks

    Sony double deck tape player, with pitch control

    BST Hife Mixer

    Allen & Heath Xone:62

    Booth speakers: Jamo satellites paired with an old sub

    Main speakers:
    hand built Onken subs with Audax woofers
    Sony APM tops with modified bass/mids drivers + custom Eminence tweeters encased in custom horns. It goes loud and clear.
    Jamo center speaker
    Yamaha rear center
    Mission DS rears

    Yamaha natural sound amp, UHD up to 24 bit / 192 Khz

    Mac Pro + PC with various software

    Joytech optical router

    Audioquest custom cables for anything analogue, optical everything else.

    Sony V500
    Sony V700
    Sony wireless 2.0
    AKG K 271s
    Bose IE triports

    I think that's about it, whew.


    What do you do to continue to make yourself a better DJ after all this time?
    I collect more and more music.

    How did you find DJF?
    I googled "DJ forum" back in the day.

    What inspired you to continue to be an active member of DJF?
    It's one of them online resources, which has been useful on many occasions and I like the diversity of people on here. It's still better than facebook because of all the specific sub sections.

    What drives you to help other DJ's/members here on DJF?
    I'm interested in all things DJ, this included. It never hurts to drop a bit of advice here and there and help a fellow DJ out.

    (for mods who have been nominated) Why is being a moderator on DJF important to you?
    The place needed a good dusting...

    What advice do you have for new DJ's with less than a year of experience?
    I've done this gig one night with 2 other DJs at a local bar, one of them had just started spinning 6 months prior. I was impressed by his drive and passion and told him that later in the evening. Now he's touring many venues up and down the country. It can be done if you put effort into it and go out there. If your sense of musical taste connects with people, you'll be going places.

    Also, RTFM.

    What experience have you gained that you would like to pass along to experienced DJ's with at least a year experience or more?
    If you think you're experienced, go practice some more. Every gig is a different one.[/QUOTE]
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      Dixieland DJ -
      Thank you, Manu!
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      Thank you, Manu! AWESOME article, Dixieland DJ!
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      Congrats man, you!
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      Manu -
      Hey, a bit early for January, but certainly thanking you guys
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