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    February 2017 Member Of The Month is BillESC.

    BillESC is our Member Of The Month for February because of his outstanding input & advice with sound & lighting. Bill has been around here for as long as I can remember helping & giving good quality, accurate advice on an almost daily basis.
    While Bill is not a DJ, he owns a sound & lighting company and has for many years. Bill has been an asset for this site & its members whether for basic or highly technical information in these area's. Whether you're needing advice for budget basic equipment or high end, top of the line sound & lighting, Bill always has a good, quality, accurate answer for you.

    Bill offers retail sales & offers DJF discounts for our members, so ask Bill before buying elsewhere. i remember about 4 or 5 years ago, I bought a new light for my lighting rig & discussed it here. Bill joined the conversation & actually could have saved me money if I had bought the item from him through his discounts he offers our members. I felt like an idiot because;
    1) I didn't consult with a long standing member here who offers retail sales & discounts to us,
    2) because I could have gotten it at a lower price than going else where online.
    So, I didn't support a long standing member & paid a higher price for the equipment as well.

    We ask Bill a few questions to answer & here is the info he provided:

    What is the name of your company, where are you located & what are ways for people to contact you about your products & services?

    Entertainment Systems Corporation
    210 Pine Reach Dr.
    Kilmarnock, VA 22482

    When did you first become interested in sound, lighting and video?
    Community theater 1965

    What inspired you to pursue a business for this?
    Love backstage

    How long have you been in business?
    44 years

    What was your first equipment/services offered?
    Theatrical lighting design and sales

    What equipment/services do you offer now now?
    Lighting, sound, rigging, soft goods, video

    What do you do to continue to make yourself better in business after all this time?

    What inspired you to continue to be an active member of DJF?
    I enjoy helping

    Related to your business, what advice do you have for new DJ's with less than a year of experience?
    Ask questions and listen to the answers.

    Related to your business, what experience have you gained that you would like to pass along to experienced DJ's with at least a year experience or more?
    Things change, don't stop learning

    Congrats to BillESC & thanks for being here for us & thanks for your support for DJ Forums!
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    1. Dix's Avatar
      Dix -
      Thank you, Manu!
    1. KLH's Avatar
      KLH -
      Thank you, Manu! AWESOME article, Dixieland DJ!
    1. JackStalk's Avatar
      JackStalk -
      Congrats man, you!
    1. Manu's Avatar
      Manu -
      Hey, a bit early for January, but certainly thanking you guys
    1. Baller95's Avatar
      Baller95 -
    1. Dix's Avatar
      Dix -

      BillESC is our Member Of The Month For February. You can see the publication & Bills discussions with us, here:

      Stop by & congradulate Bill! Let Bill know you appreciate what he does for DJ Forums & its members.
    1. KLH's Avatar
      KLH -
      Congratulations, BillESC! Well earned and deserved!
    1. pete's Avatar
      pete -
      Cool ... Bill, he's forgotten more about sound&light than most people ever learn.
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