• Press Release: Bitwig Release Date Announcement

    BITWIG GmbH is proud to announce the launch of BITWIG STUDIO: March 26th, 2014.
    BITWIG STUDIO is a new and innovative music creation, recording, and performance software that supports all three major computing platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Combining traditional arrangement sequencing with modern performance-oriented clip launching workflows,
    BITWIG STUDIO is the ultimate solution for realizing all your musical ideas across every stage of production.
    BITWIG STUDIO offers a state-of-the-art audio engine under the hood, with full multi-processing support, a unified
    modulation system, 32/64-bit VST plugin bridging, and VST plugin crash protection.

    BITWIG STUDIO comes with over 50 included devices. Conventional Instruments (Polysynth, FM-4, Organ, Sampler
    and analog-style Drum Modules) and FX (Delays, Equalizers, Compressors), as well as Container devices (to build
    parallel instrument or effect chains), Note FX, and Modulator devices (additional controllers like LFOs, envelope followers
    and step sequencers for modulating any other device). Extend this collection with your favorite VST effects and instruments, and use them side by side with BITWIG STUDIO internal devices.


    • Cross-platform DAW (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
    • Intuitive non-linear sequencing for the studio and beyond
    • Full multi-core and multi-processor support
    • VST 2.4 support with built-in 32/64-bit bridging and plug-in crash protection
    • Proprietary time-stretching technology
    • Multi-display support for up to 3 displays
    • Tabbed document interface for multiple projects open at once with drag-and-drop between them
    • Over 50 included devices, including conventional Instruments (Polysynth, FM-4, Organ,
      Sampler and analog-style Drum Modules) and FX (Delays, Equalizers, Compressors), as well as Container devices (to build parallel instrument or effect chains), Note FX, and Modulator devices (additional controllers like LFOs and step sequencers for modulating any other device).
    • Unified Modulation System: Use Macro Controls, Note Expressions, LFOs, and Envelope Followers to modulate any device parameter, including nested internal devices and even VST plug-ins
    • Advanced layered editing
    • Note and Audio expressions, including per-note Micro-Pitch Control
    • Dynamic Object Inspector: Select multiple notes or events and edit them together with the interactive parameter histogram, easily adding variations as you go
    • Automatic sample slicing to both Sampler or Drum Machine
    • Multiple audio events per clip: Automatically cut up samples and rearrange them on the fly in the Detail Editor
    • Dedicated Device Panel Mappings with color-coded knobs and buttons for an overview at a glance
    • Support for various MIDI controllers out of the box
    • Sound Content: Over one thousand presets and sounds, 3 GB of factory content:
      Drum Machines (808, 909... Percussion), Acoustic Drums, multi-sampled instruments like Wurlitzer,
      Rhodes, Vibraphone, Marimba, Acoustic and Electric Bass, Sampled Drum and Instrument loops,
      Various Sound FX, and additional partner content
    • Open Controller API: Create and customize functionality for virtually any MIDI controller, including scripting access to nearly every feature of BITWIG STUDIO

    BITWIG STUDIO (boxed version) will be available from selected retailers worldwide and from Bitwig.com.
    A free demo version will be available for download upon launch at www.bitwig.com.
    Box: USD 399.99 MAP, 329 EUR including VAT
    Download: USD 399 / 299 EUR
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