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    A festival in the Mountains: PARALLEL (REVIEW)

    Thread Starter: MNMT

    Last month the Monument crew was sent to Barcelona to attend the Parallel festival.

    Three days of freedom, love, and proper techno music!

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    2 JBL PRX 615 powered speakers with covers $1000.00

    Thread Starter: mixnmark

    I have two PRX 615 powered speakers in almost new condition with covers. These are great speakers for any size wedding with or without a sub.

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    Has Chauvet or ADJ come out with wireless Bluetooth efx lights?

    Thread Starter: fatcatdj

    When are battery operated wireless Bluetooth effect lights coming out? Getting tired of electric cords, I'm ready for the future. If they have Chauvet

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  • ZipDJ - The Full Review

    What is Zip DJ?

    zipDJ is a subscription-based DJ music pool and promotional music service licensed by the Audio-Visual Licensing Agency (AVLA). zipDJ distributes upfront promotional releases to DJ’s, Radio, and other music industry professionals. To this end, zipDJ is currently supplied by over 800 major and top independent record labels worldwide.

    * Unlimited downloads for a monthly fee
    * Extensive catalogue of music spanning over 20 categories.
    * New music released daily.
    * All high-quality MP3 music files (320 kbps)

    The Website and Features


    The zipDJ layout is broken in to four sections: header, left column, centre column, and right column.

    The header contains the navigation menu, a count of how many songs are queued for download, the player used to preview songs, and a link to the message centre where you will sometimes receive messages from labels.

    The left-hand column contains featured playlists from DJs like DEKO-ZE, Atwood, Jon Herbert and others. It also contains the search box (discussed later) and zipDJ news.

    The right-hand column contains a number of "top downloads" views which can be sorted by genre or time frame, charts which can also be sorted by genre and country, and more playlists from featured DJs. (The right-hand column is also where the download manager appears when accessed.)

    The centre column is the main browsing area and shows the new releases and search results.

    The overall layout is fairly simple but it is easy to get the hang of and contains all of the information that you could possibly need.

    Score: 4/5


    zipDJ has a number of ways to track what is popular including their "top downloads" view which can be sorted by date range and genre, and a number of charts including national club, dance, urban, house, and trance charts that can be sorted by country. All songs that appear on the charts are of course available for download.

    The combination of the charts and top downloads make finding music that is currently trending extremely easy in situations where you need to have the hottest music. The charts are generated using a number of sources including the members of the website and the top downloads are constantly updating making them a good indicator of trends.

    Score: 5/5

    Feedback / Top 10

    Once a week (technically, once every two-weeks since you can skip it for up to 7 days) you are required to submit your personal Top 10. These charts are not only forwarded to the labels as feedback but help to compile and create national charts used by other services.

    Submitting your top 10 is relatively quick and painless however songs that are in my Top 10 are not always available for selection.

    A number of tracks on zipDJ require feedback before you can proceed to downloading the various releases. This feedback is compiled and forwarded to the label which is how zipDJ is able to provide unlimited downloads for their monthly fee. Note that feedback is not required on all releases.

    When feedback is required it is indicated by a red label marked "Feedback" beside the release. Clicking the label brings up the feedback box that you see in the screenshot. To submit your feedback you select your favourite mix (you can still download the others), reaction to the track, give it an out of 10 rating, indicate whether or not you will play the track, and provide a quick message to the label.

    Messages should be constructive but do not need to be long winded. Something like "I found the remix to be a little bouncy for my tastes but I really like the bass line and I think my dance floor will too." is generally what I leave.

    Obviously, if you do not intend to download any of the mixes in a release you wouldn't leave feedback.


    zipDJ takes its name from the fact that downloads can be batched in to groups of 20 and downloaded as a single zip file. This makes downloads faster and easier. Although speeds are not always the greatest they are certainly acceptable and the zip file helps matters greatly.

    Score: 4/5

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    1. Happy Trees's Avatar
      Happy Trees -
      This answers a burning question I've had for a bit now.

      It was time to move on from simply sharing with friends and accumulating along the way a song at a time from various sources.

      I had heard of this site a few times, but it was nice to have a legitimate review here.

      Nice one. Thanks.
    1. chatterbox's Avatar
      chatterbox -
      So has anyone actually found good tech house and techno releases here from artists such as Butch or from labels such as Item And Things or Crosstown Rebels .
    1. Rothgery's Avatar
      Rothgery -
      checking it out, looks pretty legit. As I assumed the top labels shown on the previews are by big name labels, i.e Defected, I would assume that there are fewer and far between from what is shown up front - or do they do a good job keeping some of the bigger name labels in there?

      How often are more tracks made available?
    1. Drewbdo's Avatar
      Drewbdo -
      I have had a subscription to ZipDJ for almost a year now. I am thoroughly pleased with it, and think it is well worth the subscription price.

      I am a mobile DJ, and as such, play everything from Top 40 dance club remixes, to country, and some Adult Contemporary. I love the wide variety of genres; I have been exposed to new music I really wasn't familiar with, such as house and dubstep ... sorry I wasn't experienced with those genres, but not too many weddings in this somewhat rural area request that kind of music! lol

      In my somewhat rural area, there are no "record" stores around me. ZipDJ provides all the music I need in most cases. In addition to the genres I mentioned earlier, they also have offerings in Latin music, jazz, trance, and more. They also get remixes from artists such as Laidback Luke, Jump Smokers, Disco Fries, DJs from Mars, and many others. The only thing I need which I haven't found are old tracks - songs from the 1940's - 1980's for example, although, they do have some remixed versions of older songs.

      ZIpDJ has regular releases of new music, daily, in most cases. Most Fridays, they release a ton of new tracks. In most cases, the new releases are not yet being played on the radio, so you can "break" the new tracks in your area, in some cases, weeks before the local radio stations put them in rotation. Around the Christmas holiday last year, they released several new Christmas tracks, including Michael Buble and other hot adult contemporary artists who had Christmas releases.

      The songs are properly tagged with ID3 information, including BPM, artist names, album names, "Clean/Dirty/Radio Edit" info, and other important tags. I use Virtual DJ Pro, and occasionally Serato, and both of these programs have had no problems with the tagging or playback of tracks from ZipDJ.

      The only problem I have is sometimes the sliding "panels" or frames of the site don't fit real well on the screen of my computer, so I have to scroll down the main song panel, then move the mouse to the right side of the screen to scroll the entire page down, and then return to the main song panel to finish scrolling down to the bottom of the song list. In their defense, I use a medium sized laptop (15" or so), and this might not be a problem if I had a nice full sized desktop monitor.

      I plan to renew my subscription when it runs out. For the price of a couple of CD's per month, you can have unlimited downloads of hot new music in several genres.
    1. Ryan Verkley's Avatar
      Ryan Verkley -
      I have been wanting to join this site, and have applied twice. For some reason they wont approve me an account, i listed venues i have played etc but i never get a response. Boggles my mind why a company wont accept a paying customer but oh well, guess i stick with expensive Beatport . Wish they would at least give an explanation as to why im am not allowed an account.
    1. Ryan Verkley's Avatar
      Ryan Verkley -
      So i emailed them and they responded right away. Their emails were not coming through for some reason and we worked it all out! Amazing customer service, would recommend to anyone!
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    portable turntable for 40 bucks!!

    Thread Starter: Mark_Spit

    * this probably should go in the TT sub section, but thought its too good a deal.

    Toysrus Canada is clearing out their Ion portable turntables.

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    Best countries for DJs?

    Thread Starter: tyker_durden

    Hey guys, I was wondering what is the best market for DJs right now? I'm planning to move from Poland to anywhere that has a bigger market and bigger

    Last Post By: DougMore 09-24-2016, 07:58 PM Go to last post

    Denon Mc3000 with Mac - need driver?

    Thread Starter: dhowe45

    Hi Guys,

    I have recently had a Mac gifted to me and wanted to try it out with my Denon MC3000. As I understand, the Mac is not compatible

    Last Post By: akela 09-23-2016, 01:37 AM Go to last post

    Microphone Feedback Issues....thoughts?

    Thread Starter: stlstudent

    I have a Sennheiser corded microphone that I have plugged into my DJ mixer but also have a cheaper pair (great reviews though) of Samson Stage V266 wireless

    Last Post By: mitchiemasha 09-25-2016, 04:45 PM Go to last post

    Obey 10 and Chauvet 4Play

    Thread Starter: Zogman

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum and am frustrated with DMX programming. I have never done it before and thought there would be good tutorials out

    Last Post By: fueledbymusic 09-22-2016, 01:07 AM Go to last post

    I DJed with Djay 2 on an iPhone, and I liked it...

    Thread Starter: monkeystyle

    I justed ordered that split cable to be able to listen to my cue song.

    I'm wondering one thing though, has anyone used the split cable to

    Last Post By: light-o-matic 09-21-2016, 10:49 AM Go to last post

    Pioneer, information and decisions

    Thread Starter: daveyb

    Hi everyone. I'm looking to upgrading my mixer to a pioneer djm 900 model. I have 2 cdj 2000 and was wondering if the functions on all the djm 900 models

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