• NAMM 2012: Behringer CMD Series

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    The new Behringer CMD Modular system is a line of controllers that add to a very important new concept of modern Dj'ing and/or Production. Today, most products you find for control over your Dj and/or DAW software come in either one "all in one" kind of system or just a simplified small device with limited control over key aspects. Usually with some time and programming these "out of the box" controllers can be made into a more personalized controller that taylor to the users specific wants and needs. But some companies like Behringer have started thinking outside of the box. The addition of these 5 new controllers allows you to assemble your own level of control based on what your needs are. So depending on what level of control you desire you can purchase any number and/or combination of these controllers and have total control over your Dj and/or DAW.

    Before we head over to the video, here is a quick breakdown of each controller in the new line.

    CMD MM-1

    The MM-1 is the Mixer Control Module. This module is the "Master" module. This means that when using multiple modules together you would chain them together into the MM-1. The MM-1 will route the MIDI messages into your computer. You can also use the other ports to plug things in like other USB items (Hard Drive, Other Controller)

    The MM-1 has the standard 4 channel layout so you will feel comfortable using it. Included is the 4-band EQ and other rotary knobs for scrolling and other parameters.

    CMD DV-1

    The DV-1 is the Digital Vinyl Control Module. Think of this module to be your sort of "Deck Management" device.

    The DV-1 is compatible with all of your Digital Vinyl Systems and gives you powers over functions like looping, hot cues and effects.

    For those that use traditional decks along side with a DVS, the DV-1 is a perfect tool to control your virtual deck.

    CMD LC-1

    The LC-1 is your Ableton control module. It gives you all of the standard Ableton controls plus more. Wether its triggering clips or effects, the LC-1 does it and more with ease.

    One of the newest aspect is the control over a DAW along side traditional decks and/or a DVS. Combining the LC-1 with the other CMD modules will allow you to utilize things like the Scratch Live Bridge.

    With the LC-1 you could even use Traktors virtual MIDI port to synch the DVS with Ableton and allow you to have control over your Dj software while using the LC-1 to trigger clips and samples in Ableton.

    Of course you could always use it strictly with Ableton and use the modules like the MM-1 for control over each channel.

    CMD PL-1

    The PL-1 is your Platter Control Module. This module gives you individual deck control and has a very high resolution pitch fader.

    This module gives you the transport control you need to control not just one deck, but allows you to switch the focus to any of your virtual decks.

    The PL-1 is great along side other modules especially when a compact setup is desired.

    CMD DC-1

    The DC-1 is a Drum Control Module. This module is great for live beat making and/or for production. It has 16 pads, 8 encoders and 8 buttons. Sorry, the pads are not pressure sensitive.

    The DC-1 can be used to also give you more control over looping, clip triggering and other functions. This is great for people that like to beat juggle.

    The Behringer Command Controllers pave the way in modern software controlling. The amount of flexibility in being able to use the modules by themselves or together will allow you to really get creative no matter what you do.

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