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    Setting up to record your mixes

    One of the key elements in furthering your career as a DJ is creating mix tapes, or demo CDs. You could be the best bedroom DJ in the world, but if you have no means to let people hear your skills, youíll never make it. Unfortunately, recording a mix isnít exactly simple. First off, thereís the medium you want to record too, minidisc, tape, or CD. Tapes and minidiscs are much easier to record too, but CDs are more widely used, and (compared to standard tapes) sound much better. Secondly, thereís how you want to record it. Many people use computers, others minidiscs, some use CD recorders. Finally, thereís the issue of getting the music stream to the recording ...
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    This tutorial is for anyone who is converting their vinyl to digital format to use on CD players or with Final Scratch or Serato, to upload their vinyl tracks to .mp3/.wav (or other formats) to edit, remix, etc.., or just to have and to listen or for any other purposes.

    First Off, I would recommend cleaning ...

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