View Full Version : Looking for super oem turntable parts?

06-14-2012, 03:07 AM
Thought I would start this thread because these parts can be kind of hard to find.

ADJ US parts shop - http://parts.americandj.com/ProductsList.aspx?ProductLine=9100&ProductDesc=HTD4.5
ADJ Europe parts shop - http://www.adjparts.eu/index.php?cPath=45_78_130004&osCsid=ens2u7rle23aoiuif6jb37eid2

http://www.cimplespares.com/section.php/39/1 <--- Various Stanton dj parts including ST/STR8-150
http://www.cimplesolutions.com/other/STANTONRRPMAY10.pdf <---- part # list for cimplespares

These parts should work for all super oem turntables. :tup:

Feel free to add any sites that sell any super oem tt parts!