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05-31-2012, 03:48 AM
Stunning EP by Mac Dephoner & Alberto Cicuendez is finally released on Exotic Refreshment! Positive reactions from Carlo Lio, D-Formation, Luigi Rocca, Joy Kitikonti, Daniel Sanchez, Gel Abril, UGLH, El Mundo & Satori, Mr. Bizz, Philip Arruda and more... Grab your copy from Beatport!

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Track list:
01. Mac Dephoner & Alberto Cicuendez - Last Night (Original mix)
02. Mac Dephoner & Alberto Cicuendez - Quikson (Original mix)

Also here you can listen to all of those tracks without downliading them:

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Some of the early feedbacks:

[B]Carlo Lio (Rawthentic / Sci+Tec ): 4/5
Luigi Rocca (303Lovers / Hotfingers): "Nice release !"
Gel Abril (BE AS ONE): "will try tnx!"
El Mundo & Satori (Bla Bla): "Nice sound! Thx! E&S"
Daniel Sanchez (Bla Bla Records/ Be Real): "Both tracks thanx!"
D-FORMATION (Beatfreak Recordings): "Great groove!!"
Joy Kitikonti (Whist Records, Neurotraxx, Start Rec, Footloversmusic, Metempsic): "Bomb!"
UGLH: "Nice tracks thanks"
Mr. Bizz (Octopus/Deeperfect/BluFin): "Great Ep. Support !!"
Philip Arruda (Roots+Wings-Inmotion-Microzoo): "quikson is dope. will play :) thanks! nice job mac & alberto ;)"
Patryk Molinari (EXPLOITED): "Quikson is nice! Thx"
SUBMANTRA (LOCO/ I REC /SAVE ROOM/REISEI/DCS/IRMA): "Last Night is my fav..thanks!"
Chris Minus: "Cool stuff!"
Tom Pooks: "thanks for promowill tell u after checktom"
Aldo Cadiz (Disco Royal Musik): "quikson is good techno for my ...thx"
Federico Locchi: "good sound here!! thanks!"
Moti Brothers (Itom Records Readymix.Reisei rec.): "Last Night:) is my favorite:) thanks!"
Marcelo Nassi (i Records): "great!!!"
Nick Chatelain: "downloading for nick @ danny chatelain, thn'x, full support!"
Angelo Draetta: "both tracks are hot!"
Maxxa (Seta,Loco,Reisei rec.): "Good tracks...not my cup of coffey but sounds good...thnx"
Collective Machine: "DOPE release! Support"
Sideburn (Witty Tunes): "On it!"
Max Demand (Proton / Deep Beep): "Both tracks are a party monster! thanks :)"
Hamdi RydEr (Waldliebe Familien,Pura Music,Natura Viva,Sk Supreme): "Both tracks sounds great ! will play them"
Vidinovski (Argumento): "massive !"
Snake Sedrick aka Son-Tec: "loving both track! big! thanks! son-tec"
Unititled Music: "Top full on stuff!"
Jerry Aseret (Nervine ): "Last night for me!Thanks"
Luca M: "Last night is awesome!"
Catastrophic (A&R of Tunnel FM): "Thanks"
Roni Be(Full Range Records,I Records,Reisei Records: "quikson is the one!tnx!"
Amir Groove (Ibiza sonica): "great!!!!"
and more...