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05-30-2012, 01:37 AM
Ok guys im an after-hours dj who usually bangs it out hard and heavy. lately i been playing with some friends at a sunday night spot in dallas purely house music. sure we throw in some electro but we like to keep it more house music. these are two of my heavy hittin favorites that gets the crowd going.

gimmie some of your favorites that are in this style as well. i always like to see what other dj's are throwin down in the same style. almost like internet train spotting

first up is terry stones "in my mind" mike s remix. i like the nice heavy bass line and almost borderline bigroom feel to it. very upbeat and almost dutch feel to it.


and a more heavy bass house track that im loving is Time Shine jolly axe remix This is currently my fav house track and the build up from 3:00 on to the drop at 4:00 is nuts and gets the crowd going


so lemme know what artists you guys like similar to these.