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Dilek PR
05-28-2012, 10:13 AM

Label: Raygun Records
Artist: Sun7
Title: Into Deep
Catalogue Number: 361015 0420749
Format: Digital & CD
Beatport Exclusive: 27.04.2012

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Raygun is proud to present a new artist: Armando Mendes aka Sun7 from Barcelona. His musical mission is to merge his roots as a funk and jazz instrumentalist, with his affection for the sound of Detroit and early Chicago.

On the 12 tracks included inside “Into Deep” you’ll find a variety of house styles, ranging between chilly, soulful deepness, and proper danceability. Two of the tracks are supported by the mellow voice of Larissa Kapp, known from releases on Tjumy (You EP, Lost Piano) and appearances on Freerange with Manuel Tur and Pezzner. All in all, a beautifully constructed, eclectic work with a very unique handwriting. Enjoy this stunning release!

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Richie Hawtin
Thanks, downloading.

Claude Von Stroke
Downloading, thanks!

Thanks for the music!

Markus Schulz
downloading, thanks!

DJ Sneak
great selection.

Maya Jane Coles
Good stuff!

Niki Belucci

Anderson Noise
downloading thanks!

Randall Jones
Thanks...sum nice summer vibes here.

Franco Bianco
Great release! Thanks for the music! :)

Marko Nastic
support! downloading!

Ricky Montanari
Stuck Dub

this is great! thanks..d*

Axel Bartsch
nice and easy

Ali Kuru

stuck dub thx

Marquez Ill
Beautiful music. Merci!

Colin Seaton
Excellent. Thanks

Daniel Sanchez
Deep house galore!

Aldo Cadiz
super deep, great

Martin Huergo
Great tracks! Thanks!

Patrick Pulsinger
lets do this!

Marcus Gehring
Thanks! nicely produced album!

+ many others!

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Considering for review

TJ (Igloo Mag)
Space jazz has a place in the known universe. And it is right here

Todd Burns (Resident Advisor)
Thanks! Will let you know if we decide to review this release.

Bons (Proton Radio)
My new favorite gem, solid album... I love Larissa Kapp Stuck (Dub) !!

Cheets (Global Dance Session)
Excellent ALbum, something id want to listen to at home also! :)

Laurent Diouf (WTM Radio)
yet, another wtm's playlist!

Saul (Dancing Radio)
Thanks for all tracks... downloading 4 this summer

Canarias Techno Radio
Nice sound!

Jorge Navarro (Mega Radio Valencia)
fantastic album!

Tim Thaler (BLN FM radio)
Downloading for BLN.FM radio, Berlin.

Nova (Rodon FM)
Love at first sight. Dreamy album. Sun 7 is perfectly blending nu jazz, deep house, deep club vibes and roots techno. All the tracks are moving in one emotional rotation, something like recurrent déjà vu.

Conecta FM
Great release. Full support.

Mikey Breaky (Flirt 101.3FM (Galway)
House Me, Lets Do This, and Closer the ones for me thanks for the music

Dado Funky Poetz (Radio Monte Carlo)
90's style with love...

Michal Breeth (Slovak National Radio)
Sounds really nice! SOme of these tracks in my show.

maDJam (Mix FM)
Great tunes- nice flow, thanks!

Timmy Byrne (Station Manager - Kiss FM)

Dave Noonan (Via Sound Radio)
nice mellow sounds, like the stuck dub

Koma (Jacbri Radio Show/Proton Radio)
cool LP, proper summery vibes

Addicted To Music Radio Show (Comma Group)
thanks for the music !!!!

Silky JacK (zenfm.be, rs1.be, westradio.gr, bhotradio.be)
House me is my thing, very nice.. Closer the original mix is my fave, sublime track!!!Perfectly suits the vibe of my radio show Easy Notes. Thank you for this great release!https://www.facebook.com/groups/easynotes/http://www.mixcloud.com/silkyjack

Digital FM
Nice! Deep... Thanks DFM

Cool release, thanks a lot!

Dimitri Pike / Wildtek (Teknology Radio Show)
I love 'Raygun' since years, very happy to see the label back in business with a high quality release. Full support.

Harry Avers (Noice Podcast)
a wonderful album!

Riyaz Khan (Diversions Radio Toronto)
gorgeous music for the Spring and Summer months - melodic and deep...Into Deep sounds gorgeous!

Claire Roche (Power FM Dublin)
Gogo dancer is amazing!

Plastic Lounge (Radio FDS)
some cool traxx on this babe

Jan Urban (Clubflavour)
Wow, what a package!!! I like that stuff

Club FM
Nice! Thanks for the music!

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