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05-14-2012, 03:56 PM
I am going through my late mom's vinyl collection and came across an album that really made me cringe...

The Nashville Strings Play Great Country Hits

From the back of the LP...

A song recorded by David Houston with almost unbelievable results. David's performance of Almost Persuaded was the springboard that rocketed him into position as one of the hardest-hitting recording artists in Country music. It's all in the records. Check it out.

What can one do with a song after it has reached well over a million buyers--in single or album form--in its original state. If one is Hugo Winterhalter arranging for the Nashville Strings, one eases into the tune with unassuming brass,and underscores it with subtle strings that swept upward in dizzying waves of sound. Enter the haunting notes of a delicate electric guitar, and again the strings. Always the strings. Sweeping, soaring, upward,upward. Lofty persuasive strings.

I haven't listened to it but I'd like to think I'm smart enough not to.

There are a few other awful sounding concepts for albums in the mix, but this one stood out from the pack. To help offset these there are some great albums in the collection too... Early Donovan, CCR Green River, a very collectible Chess Howlin' Wolf and some other lesser known (to me) blues artists amongst the country, crooners and R&B. I might regret this, but the whole collection is going to Dimple to be sold.

DJ Headkick
05-21-2012, 01:09 AM
Soulja Boy may still have the up on the title of most unpleasant song ever made. :teef: