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05-08-2012, 05:20 PM

Cat. Number: LCMTC020
Release date: May, 7th 2012.
Genre: Techno

Listen and buy @ BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/block-ep/905917)

01. Monofon Block A (Original Mix)
02. Monofon Block B (Original Mix)
03. Monofon Block B (Snello Remix)

Monofon guys are back again with two originals wrapped up in LCMTC package. Block A and Block B are siren-sweep-synth based tracks with powerfull beats and strong atmosphere backing up wicked lead riff.Snello as remixer introduced his version of Block B adding his own, well-known touch of napolitan techno vibe. Enjoy in Blocks!

FEEDBACKS (selected):

Slam (Soma / Paragraph): cool remix - thanx
Luigi Madonna (Drumcode / MKT / Material): Block b original and rmx are very nice!!..
Mikael Jonasson (Figure):really cool and different sounds in Block A... love stuff like this! Snello remix rocks to! thanks!
Sasha Carassi (Phobiq / Drumcode): Cool,will play Snello Remix here!
Mark Knight (Toolroom): NICE REMIX
Tom Hades (Rhythm Converted): liking Snello's remix ! thanks !
Redhead (Mb Elektronics): snello rmx for me!! support!
Axel Karakasis (Remain Records): Snello remix is great eh!!! full support ;-)
Dandi & Ugo (Italo Business): Snello remix !!!!!!!!!!!! cool !!!
Tomy DeClerque (1605 / Blufin): lcmtc is back !!!!
Tom Laws (Respekt / Phobiq): All good for me , well done. fat e.p
DJ Tonio (Definitive): hello nice techno full suport DJTONIO

Listen and buy @ BEATPORT (http://www.beatport.com/release/block-ep/905917)

Thank you for the support!

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