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Tito Lopez
04-30-2012, 09:39 PM
Never thought I'd ask for help, but this song has been bugging me for years.
Its sung by a female not a soulful voice (caucasian), its around 120-126 bpm, year is between 1996
and 2000. It has a mellow tone, but still has its club euro house tone. I cant remember the lyrics but I do remember the chorus because it was so simple. I'v search everywhere so its not ATC-aroun the world.

The chorus only says 'nah nah' and its like this.

Nah nah nah na nana naaah,
Nah nah nah na nana naaah,
Nah nah nah na nana naaah,

Lol, I know its a vague description but its all I know fro the lyrics.

05-01-2012, 07:07 AM
A remix of Hey Jude? Sorry, dude I think this is a long shot!

05-01-2012, 12:49 PM

Tito Lopez
05-03-2012, 08:40 PM
Negetive guys, Im guessing it was a really underground hit, since its hard to ID, Im gonna have to look for my DJ buddy from back in the day, but the drugs got to him so its hard to find him ,LOL.