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Jamie D Music
04-03-2012, 12:38 PM
Hi, I've been using DSS DJ 5.6 with just a mouse and keyboard for years and and I always make sure all the tracks I use are at the right tempo so I can have the pitch\tempo range set at 4% and the pitch bend set at 1%. I've found the very small pitch changes perfect when mixing fast bpm music such as DNB. I've just got a BCD2000 and am using the DSS DJ skin with the B-DJ software. Everything is working fine but the pitch bend buttons speed up or down the track gradually increasing in speed and I can get used to it. Holding it down for a second and the track has doubled in speed. I'm used to a small fixed amount of pitch change but can't change it. Is an increasing speed pitch change what DJs use and should I start getting used to it? I can't see how I could maintain the same accuracy when beatmixing at 186bpm when it goes out of sync so easily if I hold the button down for a fraction too long. At least with small pitch increases I can get the decks in sync without any audiable mistakes. So is a gradual speed increase when using pitch bend an important technique to learn or is there a way I can change it on my setup so its a fixed amount of pitch up\down? Cheers, jamie

Jamie D Music
04-04-2012, 10:04 AM
Just to follow on I've noticed the pitch bend buttons will speed up the track until it seems to run at 300bpm+ and the pitch bend button down slows it down gradually until the deck stops. It seems the pitch bend mimics the function of the jog wheel but I wan't to be able to have a seperate function for each. A fixed amount of pitch bend for the buttons and the use of the jog wheels. If I run the original DSS DJ software and use the BCD200 I can have the pitch bend buttons at a fixed amount but I cannot use the jog wheels as there is no MIDI assignment for them. If I use the DSS DJ skin within the B-DJ package I have jog wheel functionality but the pitch bend is not a fixed amount. Is there a way I can have both? I've managed to get some DSS DJ skins to work within the B-DJ software by editing the XML file but again I cannot have a pixed amount of pitch bend for the pitch bend buttons and still have jog wheel functionality.

The jog wheels are well used and can be stiff so I cannot rely on them for fine tuning, just for cueing up a deck. Please can someone advise me if I can have a fixed amount of pitchbend when using the pitch bend + and - buttons AND be able to use the jog wheels. I've tried everything and it seems I can't have both. HELP!

04-05-2012, 05:16 PM
Best place to ask is the Xylio B-DJ forum

I think I just repeatedly tapped the buttons to pitch bend when I used their sw. I didn't really like the sw tho so I switched to Traktor pretty quickly.

You can pop the jogs off to give them a clean btw