View Full Version : Dancesation 2010

03-28-2012, 02:42 AM
I don't know if the songs on this album qualify as House, Electro, Trance or all three... I'm leaning toward all three. Anyway, in this part of the forum I'm guessing these songs are all old news, but I bought it toward the beginning of 2011 and have been enjoying it ever since.



I'm a wedding DJ (or at least I'm on the road to being one hehe) so professionally I spin top 40ish, and other not so cool stuff. This I listen to in my off time. The reason I'm posting it is I've spent the last few hours listening to it while I do other things and it just keeps growing on me. Most albums I buy with 99 tracks for around $10 aren't nearly as full of good tunes as this -- they're usually 2nd or 3rd rate performers doing cover songs or crappy quality recordings of classics.