View Full Version : Dark Ambient Horror Soundtrack (enhanced version)

12-25-2014, 06:01 PM
This is an enhanced version of a ambient tune I made half a year ago, I wanted to make it more scary and tried to wipe out the mistakes of the first version. Everything in the song is intentional so that it follows it title. "Enjoy!"

I used many synthesizers to make the tune somehow "melodic" such as:

Gargoyle, Gargoyle2

And to make vocals scary and effective I used these effects:

ADT (for adjusting stereo more professionaly than with "stereo expander")
RingMod & Distortion (for making the sound vibrate)
pitchproof-x64 (make the voice into two voices with different notes, can be heard in a lot of movies)
Ambience (for scary reverb)
Comb filter (for making robotic voice)
exciter (to make the sound sharper)
Flanger (for stereo effects in phasing, feedback and amplitude, variating sound)

I will be grateful for feedbacks :)

I advice to use headphones to feel the main factor: BASS