View Full Version : Polka Music and or Polka Remixes?

10-30-2014, 09:20 PM
Scrolled this whole section of the forum and didn't find one thread about Polka.

Let me tell you something, like I mentioned in a previous thread. I can get with any good world music that has a good rhythm or beat. Maybe a lot of dj's would say, dude your smokin that crack rock. Polka WTF? LOL Yeah, I said it, Polka. I enjoy good music from everyhere. If there is music I am unfamiliar with and it comes from overseas some where, I could care less.

I watch the cartoon "Backyardigans" with my kids. If you have a son or daughter or children and you have never watched Backyardigans, you have no idea what your missing. That cartoon has the best music throughout the episodes. Each episode has different world music. I've heard Salsa, Bhangra, Polka, 70's Disco, and more on that cartoon. The cartoon is funny and entertaining but the music in the episodes makes it that much better. I'll be watching the show and dancing to the music with my kids. Hilarious and fun at the same time.

So to move on with the thread, I'd definitely like to hear from anyone who has experience spinning this genre. Even if it's not a genre you spin multiple tracks but throw a track in a set here and there. I'd love to hear your recommendations on artists or particular song titles. Any Polka remixes you know of as well. Share the knolwedge.

Thanks in advance